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#stayathome trial keys for friends (but in a way that minimalizes frauds)

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Dear devs,

I would like to suggest bringing back some kind of trial keys, so you can invite your friends. I know you've had troubles with people trying to sell those keys as full product, so I came up with an idea:

Every player, who got the full game gets a 1-use LINK (not a key, a link) that he can send to his friend. That link redirects user to your site, to the account creation menu where there is literally said in capital letters (glowin red if needed :D) that YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED FOR A FREE n-Days TRIAL blah blah and it lets you create an account and enjoy Tarkov for several days.

In this case ppl can't sell those keys as those are not keys. 

A link is ofc 1-time use. You can give more links to higher editions (like eod etc.) or just give everyone an equal amount of links.

So basically people can invite their friends to try the game during the hard #stayathome times and I am pretty sure this will bring many new players and also will let people play with their friends for a while. 

If you'll like the idea, you can make some sort of "refer a friend" feature with some little rewards once the invited one upgrades for a normal acc, gets certain level in the future or so on, but this is just an general idea of spreading the love of tarkov.




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That would be awesome. I really want to give EFT a try after watching hours of streamers playing it. I am not sure how well it runs on my PC so a trial key would be fantastic.

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