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Atlas is looking for members!!


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Welcome to Atlas Gaming! We are an EFT exclusive discord that creates some of the greatest Tarkov content available. As an Atlas member you have the opportunity to partake in community events that include, giveaways, tournaments, challenges, and many other activities! Atlas Gaming listens to every member suggestion and runs community forums to directly interact with our player base.

- Now, that we are done with formalities let's get down to the real talk!
Atlas is not a joke like some other Latin themed discord communities. We are named after a titan for a reason. We don't run pm pistols, we run M4's. We don't rat around in corners, we go balls deep in every raid. When you join Atlas, you better come strapped!

-- What we offer: --
- Friendly and hardcore environments-
- Exclusive member Tournaments -
- Frequent community events where your suggestions are implemented -
- Bitchin' Bot Integration -
- Dedicated Administration -
- Exclusive Streamer Content -
- Noob friendly Environment -


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This seems like an awesome clan to fit my play style, but do you only run m4s? or do you run like HK's or like other high-end guns? 

I know the M4 is like the only chad gun but we cant leave out the 850 rpm HK!

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