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webiste with all EFT Maps on which you can add your notes

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The last game which I played before EFT was Red Dead Redmption 2 Online.
There was a only tool one could use to view the map and add notes to it. This feature was made by a fellow player which published his project under the following URL
I would love it, if EFT had a Webapp with all the maps, so that you could add your own notes to it.

I am a Software Developed and would be willing to commit my own time to develop such a tool for EFT,  but for that, I would need to have either high resolution images of all the Map (Like this but better resolution) or a TileMap so that I could deploy my own API.

So basicly I have two questions now, one for the community and one for the developers:


Would you guys be interested in such a Website, which allows you to add your own notes to every single Map of EFT?

Would you be willing and able to provide me with either a extremly high resolution image or a TileMap?

Thanks reading this post.

Happy looting Comrads!

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This is a unity game. If the map assets are on the game you can extract them from the unity bundle files. Not sure if this is cool by the developers, but if you want to do it for your self and not publishing it none can tell you anything about it. 

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