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Please add solo mod


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Dear BSG,

The high amount of cheaters are killing the replayability of the game. Its obvious that you cant handle all the cheaters around. You proberbly banning accounts etc. but thats not enough. 
You have to put a sistem where the players directly mainboard gets banned so it wouldnt be enough to buy a new account of the game. That cheater have to buy a full pc. 
Those guys who creates those cheats are surley working night n day without any pause to ruin the experience of people who aint cheating.

They make theyre money from all the buyers around the world. So it would be good if you going to add a game mode where you are basicaly solo in the game. Put more NPC's in the game more bots more raiders more bosses. Let ''friends'' play in one server without any other player. And remove the flea market completley from the game.

If you dont find a solution about the cheating problem you have to turn things drasticaly to make the game replayability again.

For example the main map where you going to start with the quests is customs. But customs are so much overloaded with people who have high gear and killing you just for fun. People aint going to raids anymore with any gear on. You basically face mostly hatchlings.
A couple of nights ago ive killed exactly 6 pmcs in shorline who had nothing on it. Not even a pistol. 
And there are days where you facing as a solo player a whole squad of high end geared people and you have no chance to survive if you not having the right bullets with you. 

Do it like division as example. Division have got a seperate PVP and a PVE mod. Also game called World of Warcraft does have servers which are for pvp and pve. So please go ahead and do the same for tarkov. 

All you have to do is  ASK the player who want to enter the map ''PVE / PVP'' if he/she chooses PVP he comes across with ONLY PMC's. If he/she chooses PVE he comes across with NPC's (Scavs = bots not players) 
And for example if you add a sistem like this there is a high chance that people going to absue the areas ofcourse thats why i said on the begining remove the flea market completley. 
On areas which can spawn high valueable stuff let the bots be stronger add more raiders which are covering the area like i mentioned the map customs.  

On Doorms for example put more raiders there give us the chance to take advantage of our silencers or nightvisions or even take advantage from the weather.  

Dear BSG team i know that you can do stuff like this. If you have been able to create such a beautiful game than please work harder for it to keep it alive. Im fully aware that this is still the beta of the game its not the full version there will be more features in future....etc.etc.etc. thats the only reason why iam not raging at all. 
Iam just one of many dissapointed customers who want to have the experience which we have paid for and not letting us ruin the game from people who are so sick that they even dont know what for a damage they causing. 

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