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Combat logging?

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This weird thing has happenend 3 times to me now.

it looks like people are combat logging...
the first 2 times were when is shot someone, they ran away to a hide in a bush and i kept watching to see if they would move, after a couple of minutes i decided to look and there's no one there.
So the first 2 times there may have been a really small chance to escape without me seeing but the 3rd time the guy definitely couldn't run away without me seeing. i looked behind the rock where he was and there is nothing, no body, no player. 

Has anyone else seen this or is it just my mind playing me?

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Combat logging doesn't make the character disappear. If someone were to combat log, they will either sit where they logged out, or they will die on the spot (AWOL).

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58 minutes ago, thijs2803 said:

I know it’s not combat logging but it’s the only thing I can describe it as.

as the other guy said if they leave the game their character just dies.  They probably just got around you, especially if you are new you probably don't know the maps as well as you think

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