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Gun Jamming/ Gun Cleaning

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TL;DR: Rework to Gun Jamming

I don't know how the community would receive a gun update, but here's my idea. I know that it would be probably a lot of work, with adding new items or maybe animation, but what if the gun jamming was reworked. As of this point in the game, unless changed without my knowledge, gun jamming works where after around 30 % durability left, after every 5,6 or 7 bullets, the next bullet will get stuck with the failure to eject/stovepipe (It may not be, as the bullet is still within its casing in the video) . As well, the spray pattern becomes worse and worse. Now thank you to the devs for implementing this feature, along with some really cool animations and voice lines, but almost every tarkov player has never experienced this in game, due to how near impossible it is to get your gun to such a bad condition. Buying a gun off of traders are always 100% durability, where as the flee market stays in the higher 90's maybe 80's (even the disassembled non working guns). By this standard, non one will ever see a jam. Pestily did a great video on gun jamming covering everything that the game current has in place (I'll link his video at the bottom), but he stated that around 4,800 rounds needed to be fired before a gun will start jamming.  Personally, if we are talking realism here, because that is a huge focus with this game, I feel like this is an overstep towards players. Gun jamming happens much more often in real life. Now, yes it is hard to balance this if it gets stepped up. But I like Pestily's suggestion of moving it to 1,000, but I feel like 500 rounds would be more realistic. Another reason players will likely never experience this is if the gun somehow ever gets down in durability, like armor, you can repair it. Now because there hasn't been that much testing, and I don't have anywhere near that much time, I am unsure if gun repair mechanics work like armor repair, where the more armor gets repaired, the less effective it becomes. But even if that is the case, you will still never have the animation in game unless you are trying to get this done. My thoughts are, move gun jamming up to around 75% durability. Gun jamming occurs at 500-1000 rounds fired if not repaired. As well, possibly add different types of jams, depending on the durability left, such as failure to feed once below 50% durability.  Maybe implement a feature where scav players can spawn in with lower durability guns, such as maybe AKM/Vepos with no dust covers 😂, then you can get the jam animation. 


Another idea, although this would be a huge project in itself alone. Using the already existing workbench, maybe at level 2, add gun cleaning, such as a more personal repair option. A small mini game of some sorts. I will add a disclaimer, as I am no gun expert (looking at google for items lol), I just believe that this would be a very cool addition, feel free to correct me in the comments. I believe the devs have already gotten halfway there, as we have the ability to completely disassemble weapons down to bare bones, with only receivers remaining. All the components are there, now only wear and tear would need to be added. And maybe some items added such as a bore brush, cleaning solvent. We already have gun lube, screw drivers, and flashlights. Then you would need to balance the conditions required for maintenance. Not every raid would require maintenance, but depending on the conditions and what you got into, it would vary. For example, weather cycles through rain the Tarkov, realistically, guns should be cleaned after exposure to moisture to prevent rusting of metals. As well, different types of ammo fire can cause different types of build up within the chamber, such as carbon build up within revolvers. 

I feel like if the devs want this to be a feature it should be, seeing as how the devs added overweight functionality and although not that well received with the community, it certainly has been accepted and everyone has found ways to deal with the addition. 




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