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Trace Gaming (TCG) is a gaming community looking to branch into the Tarkov community. We offer Media/Competitive/Recruitment/Graphics/News/Events Team, Ranks, Medals, And Much More! We also We have several gaming categories alongside EFT such as COD we have a competitive league for we also play games such as R6s/Apex/rocket league and LoL

-How to Join-

Join the sever

answer the questions

wait for staff to process you in

then you will see all the channels

- Our Tarkov Rules -

1. A T.K. (Team Kill) will be worked out between the two. If an agreement can't be made, or if the person does it one too many times moderators will step in to help. Each situation is different.

2. Loot goes to the killer - he decides who gets what.

3 Be Mature and Respectful

4 Preferable Age of 16+

5 Have a working Mic

6 Have a good knowledge of interacting and cooperating with others

Our Tarkov Focus: We are NEW to Tarkov If you are new as well that is great come learn and have fun with us. If you are a veteran sweet come join and help us learn and grow has a team, we have some veterans who are trying the best they can to make the Tarkov community. We hope you can join us so we can have a good time together and play come be a part of are family 


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