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Vega 64 Liquid FPS/Throttling issues / possible fix?

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I had been seeing serious GPU throttling in Tarkov and through my searches I'm not alone.  Not a lot of answers either.  

So I was fiddling and found some things.  my GPU overlay was doing some weirdness.  I'd throttle down to 600-800 mhz and 500mhz ram.  super cold like 40C  only ~75watts consumption from an oc'd vega on water.  Interesting.  

I turned on all I could find active metrics wise and started just seeing what was going on.  SO I found out when I was sitting dead still the game was running 30fps locked!  When I started looking around it would issue micro-stutters and jump UP to ~60fps and it just wasn't smooth at all.  the instant you stood still everything grinded back down to 30fps.  Even walking it'd bounce between 30-60 with hitches and GPU throttles and all sorts of unwanted garbage.  I had passively gotten used to that considering it's how it's played since the beginning and I'm in my 2-3months with it.

Not a lot helped.  on low low low low low you can achieve ~40fps while super throttled which was.... Smooth... er?  On a vega64 liquid...  that is usually running ~1700mhz....

needless to say nerd-rage was building but in a last ditch bit of just slider fiddling throwing the "gameFPS" slider to 120fps....  Stopped the throttling at standing still and stopped a lot of microstutter,  in my use-case,  with my card.

Vega folks:  it might help?  My card now pushes pretty easily to 60fps most places and runs at around...  1350-1450 or so.  99% of the time.  Which is so much better than before.

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