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Quest need rework big time!!!! (for the devs)

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So I've been playing this game for a while now. When it patches again it will be my 8th or 9th patch. So with that said I have been seeing the quests in the game getting worse and worse. Well I would like to point out things that could Improve the quests by A LOT.  Ok when it comes to quests that need items to complete, the items need to be easy to obtain. ( Meaning the quest should be doable with only in game systems and not out side help.) An example of this is in "Test drive - Part 1" quest you need reapers to complete this quest tho you can't out right buy them yes flea market is a way but they is out side help not in game system. You are hoping the reapers are 1: on the flea market and 2: that they are within the players price range to even do the quest. But you have a barter for the reaper that is more RNG hoping you get items in raid to get reapers to complete which adds to the need for more outside help because flea market can solve your problem.

Then you have quests that say use X weapon to kill X things. Which doesn't make anything realistic sense the only thing the person that examines the body is going to know is what caliber the person with killed with. So a fix for those kinda quests would be go kill X things with X caliber problem solved. 

I personally like the go fetch quests. Like the bronze pocket watch quest. (Checking) I think its a really good quest and would really like to see more like it. hell I hated "Delivery from the past" But now want more of that kinda quest in the game. plz do more

Quest that are based on trick shots are not quests they should be achievements. Like the Flash bang quests "The survivalist path - Zatoichi" and "Huntsman path - Controller". 

Other good quests we have are like the go here mark this thing protect said thing then leave 2 thumbs up. make more!! 

One thing I thing would help out all quest would be to get all the start quest for every start of a quest line. Like give us all the part 1's right at the beginning and the quests that dont have parts just drop them all in our hands from the start. 

Thank you for all your hard work and time. sorry if this comes off as bitching just love this game and would like to see it become more then it is. ^_^❤️ 

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