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I am having trouble getting Escape from Tarkov  back to full screen. The windowed version of this game isn't re-sizeable, which I think is a problem and I am unable to go to the settings to change it back to Fullscreen because the setting of the windowed graphics is to large for me to reach the settings button. The settings button is just bellow the area my mouse can reach. This is the only game and program/software I have ever used where I am unable to resize my window. Its stuck, I've tried everything in my power, accept deleting it and redownloading it. I don't use cheats or aim bots unlike many other people who play Escape from Tarkov and other video games. I only use macros that are assigned or given by the devs or for solo play only. I don't know or care to use any for Escape from tarkov because I am new to shooters on the PC, using a mouse and keyboard, and have been playing with a controller all my life. I won't get any better with aimbots and cheats, so I don't use them. I don't even look for them.


This is not the only issue I see. I also am constantly seeing guns that aren't actually listed in the flea market. I own and have a gun in my inventory that I picked up from a player I killed that isn't listed, as well as parts from other players. The Flea market? ( I think it was ounce called the black market but I could be wrong) is now harder to reach due to it being brought to lvl 10 and the lack of skill I seem to show here in escape from tarkov.

I do apologize for not having any photos to go along with this post.

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