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Timed strength/endurance buff when energy is full

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I don't mind how the energy and hydration mechanic works in EFT, but I think it would be nice to add a little bit more to it, so It's not only a "keep above 0 and you will be fine" type thing.

 I have a little suggestion that I think make sens from both a gameplay and immersion point of view:

During a raid, when the player eat or drink something that regain his energy at 100%, he will actually gain a minor buff to his strengh and stamnia skills for something like 4 minutes. For a balance purpose, you could make it so the player can not gain this buff more than 1 time per raid, so people don't try to cheese it and keep this buff all the time.

In practice, I can see this buff being usefull before the player wants to extract. Let's say I do my raid, I spend 40 minutes fighting and looting and before going to the extraction I want to take a break, eat something to regain some strengh and be ready to extract. The stenght/endurance buff will make my way to extraction a little bit smoother.

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