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AI Scavs appear to be stuttering

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For the last 5 or more raids, I've seen scavs that look like they're lagging. It's like I'm getting desync.

Basically it's like when I see AI scavs walking in a straight line, they would freeze in place (their legs would still be moving but they're stuck in the same place), then teleport a few steps in front of them, then keep walking, then repeat. It's like they're lagging, even if they're just AI. I'm pretty sure what I'm seeing is actually not what's really happening - the scavs really are just walking smoothly in a straight line without freezing.

** I'm sure this is desync BUT for some reason, PMCs and PLAYER scavs DO NOT seem to stutter like how AI scavs would, which led me to thinking that this is probably a server issue.

This made it SUPER difficult for me to land shots with my mosin iron sights for a quest, unless the scavs are standing still.

The servers I play on are Tokyo and Taiwan. I live in the Philippines and cannot seem to connect to closer servers like Singapore since for some reason, I get higher ping (150+) there and I cannot select it in the server selection screen probably because my ping is above 150. In other games, however, I get really low ping (~32 ping in DOTA 2, singapore server).

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