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Do Quest offline - lower reward

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Hi Devs of EFT

I have a suggestion i hope you would listen to.
My suggestion is it would be nice if we could do quest in offline mode - but with the "punishment"/downside is that the reward of XP, money etc. is lowered, like lets say it's lowered with 30% or what ever the amount is. In that way we could still do them, but if we want a bigger reward, we have to do them online.

The reason why i ask or suggest this, is that many people on different forums and on reddit have problems with a lot of quests, and some have abandon several quests, mainly because of other players are making it impossible to finish some quests.
And i know that doing them in offline mode would somehow look like cheat or be wrong in general, but that's why i suggest the downside if lowering the reward with X amount of %, to make it a bit more fair.


- Morten


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I'd be against that. Tarkov lives from being a very challenging game, including quests. Most rewarding things about quests are the trader unlocks and loyalty rank. How would you want to tackle those? Give lower loyalty rewards / less unlocks? Would make it impossible to unlock some things, only because you did the quest offline. No difference there? Then Offline is OP.

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I'm against been able to do quests in offline raids. Making teams to go in offline would be cool, so you can teach new players the maps with a guide.
But everything in offline should stay offline.

I would however hope that they make all quests with PMC kills to AI kills instead, and balance them out. 

So instead of 4 PMC kills with pistol, make it 8 scav kills with pistol. Having to grind Factory late wipe, to get pistol kills is really not that fun. Most of the times you get wiped out by a chad or a team of them farming Factory.

A shooter born in heaven could be scavs at 150 meters instead, with a bolt action rifle or something.

Then make an achievement system for PMC kills with rewards.
So add a Map, a weapon type, 3 tasks with scaling difficulty but scaling rewards as well.

Something like a PMC kill on Interchange with a DMR at 75 meter gets you a AK-74m with BT ammo, 150 meter you a SR-25, 250 meter gives you both Kiba Store keys. Now you have 3 out of 3 with a DMR on Interchange. Good job. Then you can move to other maps or another weapon type. 

Having Quest-lines locked behind really specific tasks depending on availibilily of other players.

I'am kinda stuck at the Headshot while having tremors on PMC's, only got one. It's just to specific to be a fun challenge. It becomes a stupid grind, instead of a actual challenge. Having to have someone break your leg or arm, then having to hunt down PMC's.

i saw Veritas, jumping of a staircase in Factory, then having to headshot PMC's with broken legs. When thats the most effective way to deal with a quest. Then the quest is badly designed to begin with.

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