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Main Menu Blank

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I just purchased game about 3 hours ago now and now matter what i do i always just end up on a blank Main Menu page. The launcher works fine, game loads ups, at main menu it just sits. I can shake around screen and stuff but theres no buttons to select anything. I have checked firewalls settings, video drivers, everything i could think of. I dont get any kind of error i just sit on main menu with no buttons.

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I dont remember what the fix was because i did it about half a year ago and cannot find the thread. The issue i had was apparently it was not connecting to the server for some reason. I had tried everything including reinstalling. One random thread said to open up Windows Run and go somewhere into the game files. I cannot rember where but the solution was deleting those 2( maybe more idk) files. If anybody else knows what im talking about they can help.

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