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Can't play at all because of ping issue in isolate region


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I want to bring up that subject because i live in Reunion and so have ping in all serveur. But since the last maj about ping abuse, my referencial server has being changed ans now i have 400+ ping on all serveur, so with the new patch i can't play at all because i'm kicked out off any raids i try to go in for too high ping.

So question for the devs, can you ad a manual server selection on the launcher ? in fact there is one but over 150ping you can't select server, just be able to choose server manualy will solve my problems because i have some server where i have around 200ping and so if i was able to select them i will not be kicked out of the raids for "too high ping".


I whant to know if others peaple are in the same case as me because if nothing change that mean i can't play the game at all and i pay a total of 140€ for this and don't hope any refund for being "in a isolate place" sadly.


Thanks for your attention and excuse my writing i do my best but english isn't my native language.

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