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Potential clothing options to consider for the future additions.


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Now that a lot of clothing options are on the table and more to come I figured I could throw some additional idea that someone hopefully takes into consideration. I for one think that BEARs have enough of old school classic items and could instead use more casual or modern tactical clothing, while USECs could use some extra traditional PMC-like clothing and a couple of extra cammies since they are after all a multi-national organization. Some ideas are listed below in screenshots:


Possible option for USEC faction such as casual shirts and cargo pants



5.11 for USECs with some cargo pants (like previous picture of BLACKWATER PMCs)


Neutral color BDUs



Extra camo options for USEC (such as Flecktarn as it is widely available commercially for anyone)



ATACS FG for BEAR (seeing a lot of Russian SOF rocking that camo)



Compression shirt for BEAR faction (could have a BEAR faction logo front or back of it)








Obviously if anyone disagrees/agrees/wants to add any ideas feel free to.



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