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Use intels to investigate tasks objectives

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Firstly sorry for my bad english it's not my first language.

I was thinking about how tasks could be made more interesting in EFT, and I actually have an idea that could be quite interesting.

The "Folder with intelligence" in EFT is currently just a barter item used as a trade for the scav case, this is actually pretty nice as an end-game item but I think EFT could give to this item a totaly different purpose before the player reach the point where he is done with every quests: they actually tell you informations you need to know in order to complete tasks.

Aight here is an exemple. Prapor have a task for me: he is mad because a scavenger on customs stole him a case full of grenades, but he have no idea who exactly. So Prapor wants me to figure out who is that scav, kill him, loot the case on his dead body and return it to him.

In order to identify my target, I have to go on customs and look for intels in order to gather informations. When I pick up an intel, it will update my quest log and tell me for example: what is that scav wearing, is he smoking, what weapon does he lik to use, where is he usually patrolling on the map etc etc.

Not every player will have to identify and kill the same scav, maybe while collecting intels my quest log will tell me to kill a scav with a sport jacket, but for you it will be a totally different one.

With that change in mind the way this item work will have to be tweaked: There will be intels specific to each map (If I have to investigate a task on Interchange, I will have to explore interchange to find intels for that task here), Intels can be consumed while in raid, will not be able to sold on the flea market, will not be able to be crafted in the hideout but will still be usable for the scav case so they don't become worthless when reaching end-game.

I think this could be good for 2 reasons:

  1. Avoid every single player rushing a very specific location to complete the exact same tasks. This is very boring and have really low replay value on the long term, each wipe I do the same things and at some point I will get bored and not come back to the game for a wipe.
  2. Encourage the player to explore the map in order to complete tasks. I personnaly didn't learned much about the game while doing my tasks, because most of the tasks in EFT don't encourage me to explore the map. All I have to do is watch a 2 minutes video on youtube showing me where the task need to be done with an easy reference point, go here and press F for 45 secondes. That's it. I learned nothing, I didn't explored the map, I don't even have to fight or bring a gun with me. It's like I don't even have to play the game in order to complete some of the tasks in EFT.

I know there is a lot of balancing that will come with it such as: "yeah but I can just gun down every scav on customs and, loot my quest item and GTFO" no because you can make the quest item drop only if the quest has been investigated and you identified your designated target.

Tell me what you guys think about this idea, have a nice day.

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