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Improving the Game

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Improvements to tarkov

This isn’t the opinion shattering review of EFT, I intend on spending 30 mins to type this up so don’t expect a masters thesis with correct grammar or the lack of personal views. This post features a few highlighted features of EFT that I believe need to be reworked.

Make PvP valuable

Make starting out in EFT more Friendly

Make end game more engaging

Side note


Make PvP valuable:

To incentivize PvP, I believe the dogtag mechanic implemented by BSG was the perfect idea, but fell short in their usage or price. Dogtags have very little value monetarily and have few uses outside of trading them to the therapist for money. I understand more dogtag trades were implemented recently and is a step in the right direction, but at the moment dogtags need to have their value increased. If only for the time being and for the purpose of increasing the value of PvP in the current state of the game, I suggest BSG double the value of dogtags for the player who killed them. This would incentivize PvP, while avoiding the possible exploit of people ninja looting tags or teammates taking teammate tags to deny loot to other team. PvP would become incentivized and kills become player property in a sense (currently they are but would reinforce the keep what you kill loot dividing seen in group play).


Make starting out in EFT more Friendly

Low level players have it the worst in this game not only because they must learn everything that comes with a new game, but because they stand the most to lose out of everyone. To a veteran, an AKM or TT pistol is worthless, but to a low-level player it may be all they have. Not to mention that they have the smallest secure container in the game, IF they didn’t pay to win for the Edge of Darkness edition that is. Secure containers should be changed, here is why:

The point of the secure container is to soften the impact of death, either by allowing you to pull more valuable loot out of a raid or by making it so that you don’t lose everything you went in with. The current system has you start at the smallest container and work to the largest container. However any experienced tarkov player, id say above lvl 40, has no need for a kappa, or a gamma for that matter. The Epsilon has more than enough space to fit valuables. Currently I am very close to getting the kappa container (doing it for the achievement, not for the benefit), but honestly taking even more out of raid in an unlootable container feels wrong. I have plenty of money, I don’t need 4 more spaces to fit high value loot. I am very aware of the risk and reward of tarkov by this point, so rewarding a veteran player with the opportunity to gain more money or risk less doesn’t exactly make sense. If anything, the system should increase the risk for high level players because they are skilled, know the game mechanics, know the value of items, and usually have more than enough money to support themselves. Currently, killing a well-geared player is not profitable by the loot they are carrying. Most of the time, they aren’t carrying any at all. Most of the time, the value of a high-level player is the price that their gear will fetch on the flea market. The change I am proposing attempts to put risk and reward back on the mind of a high-level player. This change might make those chads think twice before running out in the open and dumping mags unsuppressed at some poor player scav wielding only a kedder and some pom juice. This change also means that if a well-equipped player does begin looting areas around the map and finds lots of good loot, they must reengage with the core game mechanic; extract and survive to claim your loot. Currently a high-level player with either the kappa or gamma containers will throw their loot in there and leave with very little besides the dog tags they’ve looted off of PMCs. Heres a proposed solution to how secure container progression should work:

At level 1 Big Daddy Prapor(BDP) sends you a message saying “Welcome to Tarkov! To help you get on your feet, here is this container. Ill be loaning it to you for now and taking it back once I know you can handle yourself”. The container is large (Gamma container or something similar), but has more strict rules for what can be put inside (meds and ammo, weight limit, something that will encourage healthy habbits for later) so that everyone doesn’t immediately do ledx or loot runs.

Once you hit level 10, daddy prapor takes back his big secure container, but as thanks for your progress gives you a smaller container (epsilon) with less restrictive rules for what you can place inside it and gives you access to the flea market. The container is taken from you, your items within it given back, and your new container sent in the mail. The reason the smaller container has less restrictions on it is because it can inherently hold less and that now you are becoming familiar with the value of items, you can decide yourself what you want inside it. Once you hit 40, you now are stuck with the alpha or something similar in size.


Make End-game more engaging:

                The end game grind in EFT could be seen as a rank achievement or obtaining the kappa container, but as I’ve stated previously the kappa and secure container progression needs a revision.  The current state of the game months post-wipe demonstrates a need to change the end-game or rather provide one. Currently, well-geared players seem to only play for kills and use the best armor and ammo. This combination makes it so that only another well equipped, kill mongering player can oppose them with the greatest chance of survival. The low-level players that are just beginning their raids in Tarkov, questing, looting, and attempting to extract with gear are forced to be in the same arena as these high-level players and stand very little chance of winning an engagement with them. Most of the time these low-level players become cannon fodder for the high-level players seeking PvP. The result is a PvP focused player leaving with a few low-level player kills culminating in little PvP enjoyment on their part and a halt to progress for the low level players; a loss for both parties. This duality is part of what makes tarkov exciting and engaging because you never know what kind of players you are put up against, however it should be curated in a way that makes the gap of gear or player capability less two sided and more well-rounded. I understand that the topic of skill based match making has already been covered and will not be implemented in the game, however it’s often not skill of the player that rewards a kill, its usually a gear vs gear situation. It would be a more rewarding experience to have a firefight akin to those depicted in your very own “raid” live action series than those that make up the majority of this game; single bullet encounters. It is here that I propose BSG implement an end-game mechanic that allows those who have completed all their quests to continue challenging themselves. They could add a second mode available past a level barrier that changes all extracts into dogtag extracts or item recovery extracts. For example all exits in every map are changed to either depositing x number or dogtags into a box or find x item in raid and deposit here to extract. The item would be similar to a quest item and cannot be brought in or out. Altering the extract mechanic would favor both the PvP centric and the Looters alike.

Side note: Insurance scam of Big Daddy Prapor(BDP)

In an attempt to thwart insurance scams with BDP, consider allowing the player to choose between insurance or the secure container, both should not be allowed together. If your gear is more valuable than the loot you anticipate coming out with, then pay for insurance and extract with any loot. If you anticipate focusing on loot, then extract with your gear if you want to keep it.

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