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I want to talk about my experience on Tarkov

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Where do I start...well, I LOVE this game, I really enjoy playing by my own or with my friends, and when i listen that you guys are having problem about servers and bug I thought: "Why don't give them advice as a beginner developer and an old player?", so here I am.

STOP ADDING THINGS, I know it makes the game better and more full of content but STOP,  concentrate on the optimization, making the game more playable on old graphics card, because many of the people who play this game aren't too rich to buy the new graphics card to play the game at its full magnificence, like me. I know that i isn't a good idea, but i think that if you'll continue this way the game won't be able to play on old computers, and this is not good.  Also, you might resolve some bugs in the meanwhile and make the servers less heavy, so that if you're going to add more things, the game will be at his best and you don't have to resolve too many bugs.

Hope you're going to listen to my requestes, I mean, this game in beautiful, don't ruin it please.

A big fan from Italy. ❤️

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