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Hatchets solution

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Hatchets are quite a big problem in tarkov, and BSG realy don't know what to do with them. I got an idea if game detect you are Hatchling then if you die you're gonna get a panality simular to extracting or after death as a scav. i'm talking about time penality maybe 15-30 minutes. It will only applay if you enter the raid without enough gear and  also when you exit the raid without enough stuff. 

Please tell me what do you think about it. I think it can be a realy good idea and it could possibly kill or demotyvate people to do Hatchet runs

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Hatchling issue = ALL reward no risk.

Hatchling FIX = More AI, LOTS MORE AI....

I have always wondered why this is not a thing, but why not have a hell of alot more AI? and factions of AI... AI fighting AI.... more mercs, more guys, ect... make it so you have to FIGHT your way across the map, and the odds of trying to run naked across the map and not being shot are non existent. AI will soon guard the "marked Rooms" so... that will fix that issue, but 200% more AI would fix the issue, especially if you spaced em out and had them spawn in at the same time as players.

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I agree, I play reserve map a lot and I think hatchlings and players must face at least some AI resistance at marked rooms and known high value loot areas. I just played reserve where I killed 3 hatchlings and the behavior of rushing to a room and gamma some items and dying does not promote good game play.

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