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Changes to health system and medical treatment skill


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I know the health system is discussed in great volume, however I feel my suggestion is aimed more towards realism which I believe is the main goal for the developers.

My suggestion is not to change the way damage is applied, or how armour protects you or anything like that.


  • I would like to propose that the health stats are removed from the overview, and as you train in medical-related skills, you  can check your status (similar to a magazine ammo check). This skill will also change how medical treatment is applied, and allow for players to treat their team-mates with an emphasis on combat roles, as discussed by Nikita in a recent "Team" podcast. Values and descriptions etc. are obviously just examples.


  1. You would be able to tell if you've been shot in the leg etc. but unless you're a surgeon or a trained combat medic, you realistically wouldn't know the severity right away.
  2. As you train in this particular skill, you become more adept at analysing wounds and their severity. For example "Fully operational limb" could turn to what we know as 50% health. and a status check would indicate "Major wound - gunshot/shrapnel etc.". If it's nearly blacked out, it would state "Critical wound - Gunshot/Shrapnel etc.". As you become more specialised in treatment, it would become more specific in the actual health of the limb and display it as a % value with the damage type.
  3. This could also open doors for diversity in team based combat, where certain players focus on medical treatment and can be the medic of the group, and certain skill levels are required to operate different forms of medical equipment such as surgical kits requiring level 10 and AI-2s requiring level 1. Additionally, this could improve the effectiveness (per use) that can be healed in a single cycle.
  4. Scavs will have to be considered in this implementation as well - although it seems Scavs currently do have their own level system in play at the moment, so this could just carry over directly!


Opinions welcome :)

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