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I have been playing Tarkov since about the end of 2017, having had multiple 45+ level characters playing both single and in squads, and I have been keeping track of my own list of logical gameplay additions, quality of life improvements and suggestions that I want to provide to the devs here. I believe that these will further improve upon the game, all while enhancing the feel for realism and never contradicting the lore of the game in any way. At least I was very mindful of it and I appreciate your the opportunity and your attention in this matter.


  • Possibility to combine meds of the same tpye, for example 2x AI-2s with 50/100 should be able to be combined to either 1x 100/100 AI-2 or a slightly less durability item like 90/100. Combining meds during a raid should have a timer similar to how it is with loading in bullets. The issue at the moment is that meds can not be replenished in any way, so players constantly have to sell partially used meds and obtain new meds between every raid. In the case of playing as a player scav, a player might end up having 3-4 partially used meds that take up additional space.


  • CMS Kits right now are too overpowered. I suggest reducing the ability to heal a blacked out limb to a single use per limb as a last resort option when a limb is blacked out.


  • Currently it is possible to switch the fire mode of a weapon entirely without making any noise. This is done by first check fire mode and then switching the fire mode during the fire mode checking animation. There will be absolutely no sound with doing it this way. This shouldn't be possible as the fire mode switching animation and sound are entirely bypassed.


  • The fire mode can be switched multiple times repeatedly within the cycle of a single animation by spamming the command. The correct behavior should be that the fire mode can only be switched once per animation even when the command is spammed.


  • Currently the optics and scopes have entirely transparent glasses which is not always the case with their real life counterparts. For example Trijicon sights and others such as the P1X, etc... use a tinted coating on the glass which as far as I understand is used to make the reticle more visible. Can you ensure that these are more closely reflecting their real life counterparts? These sights could then have some additional bonus for balance.


  • Flashlights are entirely horrible at the moment and need to be tweaked. They often do not help to aid in visibility in dark areas, but usually only blind the character who uses it the most. In squads I usually most often use flashlights to aid a team member with visibility, because the flashlight only blinds the character who uses it and not the team members around it, even if they all look into the same direction.


  • A game option should be provided that prevents the FOV from changing when looking through close range optics and iron sights. Currently these provide some magnification or FOV change that I know to some players find to be distracting or make target acquisition harder.


  • Separate grenade keybinds for frag, flash & smoke are a logical addition that the game requires for these items to be more meaningful instead of having PMCs mostly only carry frag grenades. At the moment when carrying a mix of all three it is impossible to know which item is being used when the grenade command is used. Separate keybinds will make it possible to use a combination of flashes, smoke and frags more effectively and will make for more strategic fights.


  • Mag Check & Reload system needs to be changed slightly. When checking the magazine in a gun the PMC should not automatically reload the same mag but wait for user input instead with the mag held in the hand. Left click could be re-inserting the same magazine back into the gun while using the reload command would switch to the fullest magazine available instead.


  • Option to select optics reticle, flashlight& laser mode as well as ranging before entering a raid. Usually every time a PMC loads into a raid, time needs to be used right away to set ranging and select the preferred reticle. This is not very realistic as a PMC would be sure to prepare these before going into a mission.


  • Ability to vault/climb over small to medium height obstacles, even when legs are fractured and no pain killers are taken.


  • Stumbling when jumping from large heights, especially with increased weight to prevent people from taking morphine, jumping down multiple floors and immediately be able to engage an enemy straight away without any consequences. Even if the character only takes a few seconds to regain his stance and makes a loud sound when stumbling this would be a lot better with preventing “Super Mario” play styles such as some streamers often like to play the game.


  • Sometimes in-game items spawn in weird positions, clipping through cupboards or other items or hovering unrealistically in mid air, breaking game immersion.


  • Some items do have weird view settings when looked at in the item inspector, in some cases making it even entirely impossible to examine the item visually.


  • Ability to delete pending friend requests is required, especially with how easy it is to send requests when purchasing items from the flee market.


  • Ability to see all items put on the flee market in one tab, in addition to only seeing meds, equipment, provisions, etc...


  • Move notifications such as an fleemarket item sold, bitcoin mined or scav box notifications into the menu, as these usually have a very loud volume and can be incredibly distracting or even causing jump scares during a raid.


  • Remove hideout center dot when icons are disabled.


  • Disassemble option needs to remove ammo from gun and mag as well. It's annoying that this has to be done by the user manually each time.


  • Any ammo left inside mags should come back from insurance as well.


  • Armbands other than white color are very hard to see, the other colors need to be more visible.


  • Additional ways of team identification needs to be implemented such as different color chemlights or visipads, mounted to a body armor, helmet or backpack, to be used separately or in combination with arm bands.


  • Main menu music cuts off abruptly when loading into a raid, could instead be faded off.


  • Animations and time duration for food and drinks should be increased towards 4 or 5 full cycles of the animations. Right now some food cuts the animation just as the PMC attempts to take out some more food, it should be stopped more cleanly right after the PMC has eaten his the last bit. Also duration are a bit too short at the moment. PMCs should be required to take real cover to eat and drink.


  • Full trader names should be shown when hovering the mouse over the “?” icon.


  • Flee market should need to be be unlocked through a quest that becomes available at lvl 15.


  • Flee market should require generators to be working in the hideout in order to have the ability to access it and offer and purchase items.


  • Ability to only sell loot found in raid through flee market. Run through system needs to be tweaked slightly for PMCs engaging in battle, such as when playing in squads, where sometimes enemies are hit but not killed an entire raid.


  • Ability to use food, drinks and meds directly from the game world without needing to pick up the item first.


  • Items picked up should never move into the vest first but always into backplacks first, pockets second and vest at the last, to prevent PMCs mag dropping upon reloading the gun because a random item got put into the vest when there is space left elsewhere.


  • Not using money from secured container or inside wallets or sicc containers for any repairs, flee market or trader purchases. It is very annoying when the money is missing when it was dedicated for in-raid paid extractions.


  • Show Raiders and Bosses as “Raider” and “Boss” in the after action report, and later also UN fighters and occultists as their own factions.


  • Show player scavs as “Scav Player” in the after action report.


  • Paracord extractions should require a longer duration such as 15 seconds and have a weight limit as well. Right now it's too over powered.


  • Reward geared players with an exp multiplier or some other bonus to encourage players using equipment instead of loading in with just a hatchet or pistol. Have systems in place that slightly reward geared players instead of only thinking about punishing hatchlings - needs to be thought of and approached in both ways.


  • Backpacks should all have different slot layouts and roles that tie in with the weight system. For example some big backpacks could have less big slots and more smaller slot sections to allow for less big loot to be taken but at the same provide some weight relief instead, to allow for more smaller loot to be carried more efficiently or with less speed and stamina penalty.


  • Scav player and PMC timelines should be slightly asynchronous. For example when player scavs load into the game the PMCs could have 10-15 minutes remaining while player scavs have another 25-30 minutes remaining in the same raid. This will prevent PMCs from getting bombarded with 4-man player scav gangs shooting them with mosins at still 40-30 minutes left in the raid and also let scavs really be about scavenging the map for leftover loot.


  • In addition to the previous point, player scav extractions could be locked entirely until the PMC extractions are already closed, to ensure player scavs are staying in the whole duration while PMCs are still around, instead of having them extract directly after spawning with a key card or killing another player scav or PMC and going right for extraction.


  • Player scav extractions should also be entirely different from PMC extractions on Interchange.


  • A dynamic loot spawn system needs to be introduced to prevent people from always rushing the same locations for the same type of loot and to encourage PMCs to more actively search for loot. This will also prevent the game from becoming stale and prevent predicting PMC movements to some extent.


  • VOIP should at the very least be implemented for squad play with 3d sound placement within the game world, which will help to provide additional means of identifying team members from enemy targets. There could be proximity sound for a specific close range distance and radios for anything that is beyond that range.


  • All trader items including low level items should have some reasonable purchasing limits. These limited items should then be available to each player to prevent other players from purchasing all supplies.


  • Trader Blackout: Each trader should occasionally at random become unavailable for a random amount of time anywhere from an hour up to a whole day, but never all traders becoming unavailable all at the same time like it was tested in a pre-wipe event (although there could be occasions where all traders could become unavailable in case their downtime would cross into each other for a shorter amount of time). During this time period the trader will not be accessible, and quests will not be able to be accepted, turned in or finished.


  • A real war zone would not provide the ability for free trade without limits, as escalations would in some cases prevent trading all together and even put traders in dangerous situations. Right now traders feel like supermarkets with almost infinite availability on all items and it hurts the game as the survival aspect is diminished.

    There could be different reasons for a traders becoming unavailable, such as trade routes being cut off, a trader being directly attacked, a pandemic breakout, affecting some traders in different ways when the trader becomes available again.

    In the case of an attack, it could take some time for all items to become available again. For example lvl 1 trader items could become available immediately, while lvl 2, 3 and 4 items have different random time amounts for becoming available again. This could be due to the trader requiring to re-stock items after an attack on his trading operation.

    A pandemic breakout could effect how food and meds are being traded or their availability afterwards and an escalation close to the trader would afterwards directly cause him to resume his business as usual.

    The way to do this correctly is to make it so that it doesn't become an annoyance but to occasionally provide some element of uncertainty to the trading, requiring players to stock up on items such as provisions, meds, weapons, etc... and to be more mindful of which items to keep as there is always a possibility of a blackout to happen.

    Further the game devs would have to balance trading items across traders, for example having Peacekeeper provide bandages, and low level meds as well (as he used to do some wipes ago), to be used as an alternative in case Therapist is unavailable. What this will also do is to dynamically change the value of items depending on which trader is affected, as well as changing the flee market and loot behavior of the players.

    Further low level weapons might also need to be used even as a high level player, in case high level weapons are not readily available, to shake up the game and prevent high level players at the endgame from only running the best available gear. This will also change the game for low level players competing against high level players and be a bit of a balancing factor between these players.
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There is certainly a lot of thought that has gone into this, and in my book should at least be perused by Nikita for a read!

There are some great suggestions here. I like the idea of dynamic loot etc , also the trade cut off thing is another thought provoking idea.

I sincerely hope it gets a thumbs up on these suggestions even for a test would be fun! 

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2 hours ago, Thormato said:

there are a few good ideas, but most of them arent your ideas, many of them are confirmed changes or already posted stuff

Do you happen to have any links to back that statement up? I'm following all official BSG communication channels and twitch streams and none of these specific suggestions have been confirmed to my knowledge. For example I know that the mag check and reload mechanic were discussed previously, even a long time ago, but I never heard of any solution to it nor has anything been implemented in the meantime.

You have to be kidding me. I'm not trying to take some imaginary ownership of ideas related to intellectual property that I have absolutely no ownership in, nor would it make any sense trying to research if any other people came up with the same or similar ideas first. What would be the point in it?  I did came up with roughly 90% of these ideas myself as part of analyzing the game and thinking how it can be improved, some are inspired by my conversations with my squad, some ideas even directly came up by other people in my squad. What matters is that these ideas are being talked about by more people so that any of these ideas that the devs see fitting for the game make their way into the game eventually.

The only idea that is absolutely not mine or unrelated to my squad is the asynchronous timeline idea that Eroktic recently had, although I expanded on it at the same time by also suggestion to change the player scav extractions, so that their extractions would not open until the PMC extraction timer runs out, so that player scavs would have to stay in the game and have an incentive to seek out any PMCs still operating on the map until the very last second of a PMC's timeline.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I forgot to mention another one:

  • scav bosses and guards totally should have their own voice actors different from regular scavs.
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I noticed that the flashlights improved dramatically, I can actually see what is in front of me! Thanks BSG! All hail the glorious Nikita! 🙃

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Some additional suggestions from my squadmates:

  • backpacks should have weight limit, for example dufflebag should not be able to carry high weight items
  • heavy duty backpacks will increase weight by itself
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I definitely like this thread and I will post some of my thoughts here now too, instead of opening a new one!

To the last posting from Vortex I want to mention that if I open up a offline PMC game and do have a backpack of 50kg with me, my avatar player cannot run or jump anymore, or at least just for a very very short time and then it takes minutes to recharge a little energy by himself.

I hope I didnt got you wrong, but for me it seems that a restriction is already done, or?


Some of my own ideas while playing Tarkov since some few weeks... are:

For the spawning problem of PMC and Scav I would recommend that a real human Scav player should ONLY be born in a actually playing AI-Scav (like Agent Smith in Matrix movie) and all PMC players can then take the spawning points from PMC and Scav. It should make it alot harder for spawning point campers.

When in trade menu (Prapor, Therapist, etc), it should be possible to refresh a traders stack while pressing F5. And maybe also hit Deal with pressing the Return-/Enter-Key. Sometimes I think others use a buy-script or whatever, because they buy so fast that I never get the item I want to buy.

Allow looting of boxes or whatever while laying down too. To compensate this feature a little, the loot time takes half the time longer as it normally would take. Its pretty annoying that our player will always stand up if you want to look inside something.

When going for a sell of own stuff it should be possible to put out stuff you have in a backpack without needing to have free space in your stash. The backback is already in the stash. It makes no sense that I have to free up space for what I want to trade out of my stash, once again!

Thats it for now... and pls make this thread sticky!


Pretty important will be, because alot of human players behave now as Scav-AI, that if a human Scav kills another human Scav, he gets punished because of teamkill! If I shoot a Scav while playing as a Scav, all other Scav's will instandly start war with me. Why not do the same to the teamkiller? It is fully ridiculous that I always have to wait 2-5 seconds to check if another Scav will shoot at me, or not! Most experienced players did kill me already before I could figure out if its a Scav-AI, or human Scav. Change this quick pls!

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Human Scav Teamkillers
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Another one(s)..

If you want to put money out of the wallet or elsewhere make a drop-down-menu how much money you actually want to take out. Afaik its only possible to take the whole amount out and put it somewhere else.

Maybe add a third game type which will be just for missions. In this game type all loot-points which are yet declared will be taken. If playing Scav or PMC loot-points will be dynamic, as Vortex already suggested. Reason: When I play as Scav nearly every loot-point are raided already and the only thing which makes sense is to watch out for deadmeat bodys.

2 be continued...

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  • 4 months later...

@whatsoeva I appreciate your contribution however I have to say I dislike your ideas, I don't think as a new player that I can take your suggestions seriously.

For example you can refresh the traders by hitting F5 if I recall correctly, at least it works in the flee market to refresh a listing.

You can loot boxes laying down by pressing the prone button right after you press F to open the container.

Money can be split by dragging with holding CTRL.

In any case, thanks for your contribution and for having joined the game and forum discussions. I'm still hoping that the devs will consider the suggestions I made from playing the game for several years now.

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Hey guys & @Vortex_Bear!

I like this thread, and it would be cool if we could have everyone contribute with your own ideas of what could improve the game.

Please consider your suggestions, and provide some reasons why your ideas would be good in a game like EFT.

I will be forwarding some of the best ideas! :)


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@tobiassolem thanks I do appreciate it! I actually just sent you a message asking to check out my suggestions. 🙂
Maybe I came across a bit rough but that might be hard to translate over the internet, I definitely appreciate people making their suggestions, especially very thought through ones which would benefit the game.

By now, some of my suggestions might be outdated already by some of the updates that happened in the meantime, and @Spectator6's recent suggestion about grouping meds makes much more sense than my idea.

Generally I think the game needs to be shaken up a bit, some of my suggestions deal with introducing factors of uncertainty, such as having trader blackouts or pandemics that would restrict the ability to trade, and bringing back some feel of scarcity, as well as preventing low level weapons and mods from becoming useless at higher levels, as well as some more logical additions. Also so that the endgame does not always evolve into players only running highest tier equipment all the time and to constantly create new situations that would impact the player choices in what gear they use and how raids are played.

For example the paracord extraction should defintiely take longer, maybe including an animation where the player mounts the paracord, stumbling feature to prevent people to play like batman, jumping from heights and shooting players like some streamers play, etc... to make it a more tactical hardcore experience and less about Call of Duty type playstyles. For example separate grenade hotkeys would also help with that and you would see more players use flashes and smoke grenades in addition to explosive nades. And most importantly asynchronic Player Scav and Player timelines, with only part of the Scav Player timeline overlapping with regular player timelines, to balance out scavs against PMCs a bit more.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Thank you for the shoutout @Vortex_Bear that's very nice of you!

@tobiassolem here is a link to the medical idea, a lot of great discussion in there :) 

Here is one on a possible improvement to the aiming mechanics

And one for reloading, to allow players the ability to fire while the character's offhand retrieves or puts away a magazine

@tobiassolem Please, send out a special thanks to the rest of the BSG crew for being so active and attentive to the community!

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And @tobiassolemI also want to give a special shout-out to @Vortex_Bear's request for proximity VOIP among squad-mates (only for those who have teamed up and gone into the raid together). 

This would not only REALLY help with squad coordination and cohesion, but limiting it to squads would also solve any concerns about players "spamming/abusing" a public VOIP system.

Another suggestion that @Majlo gave in the below thread was to have "enemy" VOIP come through, not as the players' own voices, but as generic radio static. This would help give the impression of open VOIP, while again, protecting against abusive/spammy content like blaring music, etc.


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- We need an animation for beeing hurt. Right now, if you see somebody going very slow, you dont know if he is going slow because he wants it or because he is hurt badly (specially when he has taken a pill or something he wont even cry and scream for pain). Kind of limping or anything visual to see and recognize "aha, that guy there is F'd up and almost dying" would be nice.

- We also need animation for like crumbling and holding yourself up when jumping from higher places like out of the window from the second floor or anything that is higher as lets say 1,5m. Right now you can jump down and instantly shoot around. Specially when you are on pain meds you can jump down even from higher places, yes you will break both legs and maybe even black it, but beside that you can still instantly go in the fight. Thats very far away of realism. At least a crumbling or something like that must be there

- Also for the WQHD people (3440x1440) in the flea marked the last square is missing^^


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I'm relatively new to the game (only been  playing about a month) but here a few enhancement things I could think of:

Game pacing enhancements (all of these enhancements would be good for helping players keep playing the game not just Inventory Management Simulator):

  1. An any raid option for Scavs - The biggest non-desync issue I have with the game is sometimes it takes 30-40 minutes to find an active raid to get into as Scav. I just died and I'm frustrated, I would like an option to get into any available raid.
  2. When selecting a raid showing the player number of raids active and open spots - this could eliminate the need for my 1, but if I opened up Interchange and it was something like.
    • Raid 1 Active - 1 Player Scav Slot(s) Available 10 Minutes Remaining
    • Raid 2 Active - 3 Player Scav Slot(s) Available 25 Minutes Remaining
    • Raid 3 Pending - Waiting for 2-5 Players
  3. Loadouts - I would like to be able to like build a loadout with my gear in my stash and then select the loadout it when going into a raid. There are times where after I die I just want to go into another raid but I have to take 10-15 minutes building a loadout (and then another 5-10 minutes loading into a new game) before queuing up for the next one with my PMC. Waiting 15-30 minutes in between raids is really preventing me from spending more and more time in the game. Having the ability to go, ah shoot they got me dang it, ok heal my PMC, select this load out and queue up for another raid keeps the game play flowing. Right now it's really hard to get better at the game because you spend so much time with inventory management and waiting to load into a raid. I might have 145 hours online but that's only 14 hours in raid as a PMC and probably about the same with my Scav (unless Scav and PMC stats are combined(?)) of which I've maybe spent 30-45 minutes fighting and learning how to maneuver better in combat.

Player help enhancements:

  1. More post game stats - As the original poster stated there are a lot of things from game perspective it would be nice to know post raid. In my case it would help a lot if I could maybe look at each kill and see where I shot them. This could help players figure out their sighting and ranges better.
  2. Some sort of kill cam  - I've seen this discussed several times, but ultimately speaking there are times where my buddies and I have been pre-aimed around corners while making no noise. It's possible this should be chalked up to the other player's game knowledge or one of us making a noise and not realizing it, but it's hard at times to not just assume cheaters are still a big problem with the game. This could be balanced by making it a "Special Item" like the compass where you need a body cam and for it to be recovered after the raid is over. That way you can't try to feed information to a teammate or watch the kill cam and try to use that as info as a Scav you might try to get back in as. Ultimately this would be a tool for players to help learn what mistakes they're making and potentially how to learn from them.
  3. Shooting Range Enhancements - this could be something I've missed as a roadmap item, but if the was a way to level up the shooting range such that you could have moving targets, distance markers, and further away targets. This would help players build and test gun builds better than just doing Offline Bot raids.
  4. A Skills Course - For this I'm thinking of something similar to what Call of Duty has had in several games. Effectively a course that tests various Players skills movement around/over obstacles, target acquisition, etc. This would be a lot of fun and give players a way to learn the controls and movements better. You could even slap a time trial on it and have a bragging rights leader board ;)


  1. Heal Balancing for Scavs - Heavy Bleed is pretty much a death sentence to a Scav. I'm not sure what to suggest here, I've lost several decent Scav (or even have felt forced to extract after being loaded in for only 30 seconds) runs on places like Interchange and Reserve because I've gotten nicked in the leg by a shotgun round and then been unable to make it to extract before bleeding out. Maybe giving Scavs a one-time non-takeable (as in if you extract you can't move it to PMC stash) way of healing Heavy Bleed might help. Unfortunately I can say the same thing about leg fractures (though this is way less frequent than Heavy Bleed).
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  • 3 months later...

I want to add that boss scav AI needs some improvements. They are often just bunched up, crouched in a single place,  not making any sound, not moving around, and when you approach them and peek around a corner there is 4 of them looking at you, shooting you all exactly at the same time, so you instantly die before you even can react.

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Aaaand another post from "hardcore" player who fails to realize that Tarkov is no longer a niche game and it need to keep and attracts more and more people in order to keep being profitable. 

I'm not gonna go point by point because I some of your ideas are sooooo out of the place that I'm afraid you're too deep in love with your own perspective that nothing I'd say would change your mind.

I'm confident tho that BSG knows very well how to make the game even more popular and fun to play. (And as a backup I have Nikita's words that Tarkov is just as much RPG game as it is a shooter)

Oh and your idea of flea market changes and "muh realism!"... Yeeeeah.... I'm glad you're not a dev

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There's a lot of good stuff here. I wish they had a tool like aha to track requests for features/improvements/suggestions. There is really no way to upvote ideas so that BSG can see a prioritized list defined by the community... 

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