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Streamer Looking for New players to help out!!

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Hi My name is Ian aka Sarg SCUBA or SCUBA GUY!!!  im a Facebook streamer been  playing tarkov for awhile now i have about 600hrs into this wipe thus far, and have just bought a new account to go after the HARDCORE CHALLENGE Game type!! Super excited to give it a run!! 

Anyway...... Point of this post is just to reach out to new,interm, players who are looking for people to play with or looking for fun groups of Sweat players like myself lol.. I wanna do my part for the EFT community and welcome all the new guys and extend a invite to join me on my discord anytime!!!  https://discord.gg/nNYeuf  Stop by anytime if your new looking for tips and for people to run with WITHOUT FEELING LIKE YOUR just following them or holding them back than PLEASE come see me I run a Judgement free zone lol I really enjoy tarkov and would love to help out anyone anyway i could Just gotta keep our community growing and STRONG!!! 

IF running isnt your thing or you still havent got the game stop by my channel and say hi Facebook.com/scubastreamsquad  i dont expect likes or follows or whatever just stop by and ask away!! 

We play tarkov talk guns shoot real ones talk tactics and overall just enjoy the company especially with all thats going on in the world today,, so if you need a escape stop in and join us or message me here gonn start being more active on the forums as i go!!! 


Support our 2nd and carry!!!! 

ID RATHER BEscubasquad_112px.png.d54ab29bcea470b49b686814592ee1ce.png judged by 12 than Carried by 6 

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