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Tarkov Daily Quests


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After you hit level 40 there's nothing really left to do...



Hatchlings ruin the game...



I am kinda bored with EFT right now, i'll wait for the next wipe to pick it back up...


Any of those ring a bell? I've heard almost everyone i play with say at least one of those phrases.

These problems are related and not trivial to solve. Pondering that i got inspired, by a few different things, with a solution i'd like to suggest here. Wall of text incoming, meme browsers beware.



The problem is a mix of multiple things, which are connected :

  • The eventual boredom people experience once they hit the "end game" of EFT
    • Passive money generation from the hideout makes the whole "risk your gear" aspect of the game trivial.
    • The quests that give you incentive to do more than simply roam a map killing people are either all done or too absurd/random to complete.
    • The difference ease-of-access to top-end gear between a highlevel player and everyone else is very big and mostly makes PvP trivial for the high level players, bar unlucky accidents.
  • Newer players, late starters or simply bad players can't afford to run gear on par with the "end gamers". They are on the bad side of the gear-check equation and feel compelled to do "hatchet runs" to progress.
    • In the "late game" part of a "wipe" most gear gets obsolete because of the ease of access to good ammo for rich players. It's almost pointless to spend money on armour cheaper than ~100k, face shields and even helmets are almost completely useless and to top it off many people can afford to run IR which gives them "god mode" advantages.



A few elements combined gave me an inspiration:

  • Jaeger quests (yes, rly) - Albeit "funny", i would never call these "fun" and i have never heard anyone say "Man, it was so sick to wait 5 mins dehydrated in a bush for that Jaeger quest!". On top of being mostly absurd and often random, they are "single use" and once done are done. I believe their only use is to keep the higher-end players "amused" by proposing them "scenarios" that are hard to achieve and mostly don't depend on gear. IMO that has never worked as intended, butc crazy ideas like some of the quests CAN be inspiring if done in a slightly different way.
  • WOW - WOW was (probably) the first major game to introduce the concept of "daily" quests. It was also it's downfall for me, as these quests were mandatory if you wanted to be competitive. Missing your daily meant you missed a token that you would never be able to get back and thus you were behind the rest of the player base. Non-mandatory, fun and random daily quests are a different story tho.
  • A third party website called Tarkov Roulette (not affiliated) - This site seems to basically does what my suggestion is all about - It provides a tool that generates "random rules" for your next raid. It's entirely just for fun and you can tweak it a bit. It's limited in options tho.



The basic idea is to propose players semi-randomly generated "Daily Quests" or "scenarii" that deal with gear, maps and arbitrary objectives. These quests should not feel mandatory, their rewards should be in the form of fun gear, themed with the quest requirements and memes.

Some examples:

Map - Factory
Gear - Anything
Objective - Kill 6 PMCs with grenades
Reward - 8 F1 grenades
Map - Interchange
Gear - Semi-auto only
Objective - Kill 10 scavs and 5 PMCs using the specified gear only
Reward - An RPK-16 weapon
Map - Reserve
Gear - Anything
Objective - Extract once at the Scav Lands extract point
Reward - A cat figurine
Map - Any
Gear - Any
Objective - You must start your raid with only a Paca armour and a melee weapon
Reward - A full "Walking Tank" loadout + a fully modded AK
Haha Klin goes brrrrr
Map - Forest
Gear - Klin
Objective - Kill 5 PMCs OR 15 scavs with Klin on the required map
Reward - A fully modded Mosin


Pros and Cons


  • These type of quests might provide fun little things to do for higher level, bored, players every day while also providing lower level players with some additional gear to use in their "serious" raids or general questing.
  • The actual work required for the implementation of such a system shouldn't be too much since most of it's parts are already developed and used in the game.
  • Varying the maps requirement part should funnel some more people to certain maps that tend to fall from grace once the majority of players are done with their quests there.
  • The rewards being meme-ey and not super valuable should make it so no one feels obligated to do the quests while people who are bored and don't know what to do can just go and have some fun if they have nothing else to do.


  • Honestly i can't think of any major con to having such a system other than maybe that some random rolls on these quests might be prohibitive for some very-very-low level players who can't afford to spend 100k on grenades or some other obscure requirement.



I hope people will take the time to read through this and think it through before downvoting it and telling me it's a trash idea because REaLiSM and HARdCoRE and whatever. I'd love to hear some actual feedback, maybe if we finetune this the devs might even consider it worthy to consider...

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Sorry to see your topic ignored for the better part of a month, I think some of these ideas are good!

Adding more end-game content is in the pipeline though!

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