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0.12.5 Sound bug?


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So i did take a look at something i would call a little bug, nothing game breaking, but just something that ain't right, whenever you boot up the game and go for your first run, and you pick up a gun on the way the sound will changes a little tiny bit, and it is only for your first gun, the gun you are picking up needs to be equip on the sling, back or holster to get this bug.  
This is only if you have a earpiece on ( ComTac, Tac sport, Razer, Sordin and ops-core ) is the one's i did find the bug with (GSSH-01 i wasnt able too see at the data and find any sound drops)

If you dont believe me, take a look at the video, and/or try it out for your self 

Link: YouTube video

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