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Escaping from Tarkov as an end-goal


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Firstly sorry for my bad english it's not my first language.

I've been watching a lot of podcasts talking about the state of the game recently and a topic that seems to be brought up a lot (particulary by Veritas) is: what is the point of playing EFT after completing the quests and upgrading the hideout ?

I started playing EFT when 0.12 launched (keep in mind that I have a lof of free time and played the game a lot): starting playing this game is amazing. It's immersive, scary, exciting, hard, punishing, rewarding. There is a ton of emotions going on while playing EFT as a beginner and even doing stupid things like the pocket watch quest feels like an impossible mission. At this point people are feeling like they have so much to learn about EFT that they will never get bored of it.

But eventually after a few months and lot time invested into the game you get every quests done, you upgrade your hide-out to the max level, you buy the best gear, the best guns, the best ammos. And it's at that point that the game become boring: when I got to the point where going into a raid, the only thing I'm looking for is PVP. What am I even doing in Tarkov exactly at that point ? Am I supposed to kill every USEC or BEAR on sight for no reason ? At some point in EFT, every player just turns into a tarkov slayer.


Now, what if the very end goal of this game was actually to Escape from Tarkov ? What if you could actually put an end to your journey in Tarkov, be done with this place and escape from it ?

Here is an pretty random example of how it could be integrated into the game: you have to repair an damaged helicopter. In order to repair the helicopter you have to get 4 pieces gated behind some of the existing game progression systems:

  1. Completing every quests in EFT gives you 1 piece
  2. Maxing out the hideout allow you to craft 1 piece, but the craft requiers you to find in raid extremely rare items in raid (something ridiculously low, like a 0.5% drop rate).
  3. You can buy 1 from a maxed trader for a very expencive high price, something like 200M roubles
  4. In order to use the helicopter, you need a pilot. The pilot have a very rare chance to spawn on every raid. When he actually spawned at a random location on the raid, there is a flare next to his location (he crashed, makes sens I guess), once you find him, you need to escort this guy to the extraction.

Once you did all of this, you can actually repair the helicopter and the pilot will help you escaping from tarkov. Then, you are basically done with the game. You can still go back on your PMC and launch raids as an escaped PMC like we know them today (maybe include cool bonuses/reward for escapes PMC), but you actually completed the game and can move on.

Again, this is just a random idea and it might actually be too easy tbh, but it should be something that you are looking for on the very long run, it should take you a lot of time and probably only 5% of the playerbase will actually stick to the very end and do all of this.

Lots of game theses days are trying to keep the players hooked forever and pretty much every one of them failed to do that. Yet, players seems to keep wanting/believing that every new upcoming game will be the one keeping them interested endlessly.

Why ? What was so wrong about playing games, having a great experience and finishing them at some point and moving on. I feel like this is what BSG want with their game. Yes they are very passionate about making this game and I have much respect for that, but they also want to be done and move to another project at some point. I feel like as a player, I want the same thing. Play the game (a lot) and officialy reach a point in the game where I can say: that's it, I've escaped after 1000 hours of struggle: I had an amazing experience playing this game and I am hapilly done with it.

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hey budd, i like players like you who cares what he plays.

first of all nice idea about the quest you described, but let me tell you something that you may feel better :

these quests that you have done in this game, they are all side quests. yeah you read that right, all of these quests till getting kappa, are side quests. as far as i know the main quest line will come when they are about to launch the full version of the game, not sure when.

second the game that we are playing is not complete yet. the way that we are escaping from tarkov is not the way that we will see in the future. let me explain, it kinda will be open world game that for example if you want to play labs map, you must go into reserve then take the train to streets and find the hidden lab in that map, raid labs then extract from there which will lead you to streets and find your way back home.(something like that). so many features will come that you can not get to the end of this game so easily. we will not have the barters like the way we have it. if you want to trade something from skier you should go custums and find him there for trade and so many features that will make us as escapers, suffer and grind to end game.

these are what i've heard from the future of the game, so right now just enjoy the way the game is and be sure that BSG know what they are doing. tbh i really believe in them and their passion behind this game.

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