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Where do I report a player?


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I need to report a player to admins to see about getting this particular player banned. I've already gone through the process of getting him Blacklisted from the Official EFT English speaking discord server. However that's all those moderators seem to be able to do. This particular player was using that discord to join into other discords, lure players into raids with him with good loot, team kill them immediately, and then leave the discord. I know TK'ing isn't typically punishable but this player has done this multiple times to multiple players, this has to be some kind of abusing in-game mechanics/griefing. Especially when the player keeps repeatedly doing it, I don't think you want people like this in your community because he's just basically a cheater/griefer. I still have the evidence I used against this player the first time in the EFT discord, the player streamed the entire thing to his Twitch channel. 

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