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Is BSG going to address the glaring bugs this game has?

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First off let me say I love this game. I have managed to put in hundreds of hours since I purchased the game. I just wish some of the bugs/issues I’ve noticed would get fixed because they really do hinder the experience of the game. 

To make this easier on whoever reads this I’ll embolden the issues at the top before I write about my experiences with each issue. 


I have been playing shooters/BRs for years now. Some of them competitively and others just casually. It is very easy to tell if someone is good or if they’re truly hacking. This game has people who have some raw aim and game sense and that’s why I love it, because it requires you to develop both to succeed consistently. For the first 2 months I’ve played I barely saw hackers, maybe once or twice a week at the most. Now, it’s at a minimum twice a day. For example, yesterday I was in 3 story dorms, on the west side of the building. My friend was getting a task done so I was just clearing the floor below. I start getting shot at from around 2 story. So I get out of the room I’m in and move to an area that I can’t be shot at from 2 story. Well that didn’t matter he kept shooting and eventually killed me despite me being behind a wall. My friend said that the wall behind me looked like a line of bullet holes following me. 

If you are going to have a game with a competitive aspect to it especially a pvp one, you need to have a good anti-cheat. Some people are assholes and ruin the game for people who are having fun. It actually makes people not want to play the game when that’s they how get rewarded for grinding the game. Also, I can say that adding a report function in the after action report would greatly help the community identify some of the cheaters. 


I don’t think I need to explain to y’all how important this is in this game. There have been multiple occasions where my sound doesn’t work in the game. Most notably with grenades. I haven’t heard a grenade bounce or explode since 12.5! Even before the update it was spotty. I’d hear it some games and others I wouldn’t. It’s ridiculous, this bug alone makes grenades broken! I won’t get into the other issues with grenades since I have minimal experiences with them and they have affected me minimally but, this bug is absolutely game breaking and needs to be addressed immediately. 


Recently I have been getting this bug where I go to open a door and it won’t open on my client but, for everyone else I’m playing with it’s open and they can walk through it. Unless I turn around and wait a few seconds it won’t open. Oh I might’ve forgot to mention that everyone else can see an open door when this happens...a lot of my PMC runs have met this fate...

Overall, I wish these issues to be addressed because I love this game. I just wish the dev team would work on fixing these issues. I have a coding background and know that coding is a cutie for a lack of a better term but at the same time when you build anything with issues with the layer below the surface, it usually doesn’t turn out well. This game has SO much potential and I want to see it succeed! I know I’m just another player voicing my concerns but I’m not the only one. 

tl:dr please get an actual anti-cheat and add a report function to after action report menu. Fix grenade sounds. Fix the doors that won’t open when they are for everyone else. GLHF and see y’all on the servers!

Also a vod function for players to watch after they have been killed or extracted along with their party would be beneficial for people to learn what they did right or wrong would benefit a lot of the newer players.  

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Hello @j35usTV

I will quickly go across the points you described above to provide more intel on the current situation.

Anti-cheat :

The Anti-cheat system is in place and currently banning hundreds of hackers per day (1000-2000), even if cheaters are getting banned, they sometimes are able to play for a few seconds/minute before being restricted, causing you to think the anti-cheat system is not working, while it clearly is.

Furthermore, please understand that even if something may seem hard to understand, even impossible sometimes, there is a chance you have been shot from somewhere you didn't expect. Someone who seems to see you everywhere you go might just be using IR scopes. I play the game too, and I sometimes get killed suspecting users of using such software as well, but I am forced to see some players are just so good and know the game so well, they can anticipate your reaction very well. I'm not saying it's the case every time, I'm saying it's a possibility and it's the reason why we only take video reports on the forum. I have been accused of cheating on this very forum, so were friends of mine (who are not good at the game at all though ;) ).

One the last thing on this subject, a reporting system will come in the future. You will be able to report suspicious players in the game.

Grenade Sounds :

Can you please report the issue with as much information as possible in the launcher? Videos are welcome. We actively track such problems and would need more information to understand it.

Of course on top of that, we plan to introduce steam audio in the game, which will help a lot in this regard.

Doors :

We know of problems related to doors, such as problems preventing from opening it again when you just closed it. We will soon update you on the situation. The problems we know might be different from the one you experience, as such I recommend you do a report in the launcher as well with the information you have at your disposal.

Thanks for your information.

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