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Game freezing/ Not being able to see other players

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Okay to start off here are my PC Specs to rule out any potential of lag/ connection/ PC capability issues

Ryzen 7 3700x, 32gb ram @ 3200hz , Gigabyte GEFORCE gtx1660 Super and 100mb/80mb internet

During some games when loading in all is well and i can see other players/team. But once everyone starts moving around they begin to warp (Run on the spot, then move like 20 metres ahead and repeat etc.) I altf4 the game to do a refresh and come back in and everyone is running on the spot from my perspective but from their's I am moving fine. We tested if i could deal damage and nothing happens but they can damage me even though i cannot see them in close proximity let alone see them at all.
Server ping sits on an average of 15 - 40 (OC Sydney)

It generally happens when i play with 4 or 5 players in one group and on the rare occasion with 2-3.

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this problem and knows of or has found a solution!

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