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Welcome to Atlas!

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Welcome to Atlas Gaming! We're just some relaxed Tarkov players who are looking to host some really cool Tarkov events and create Tarkov content. We're a fairly new discord, but we're really striving to host some awesome Tarkov tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! 

We want to help experienced and new Tarkov players alike find a fun and engaging community to hangout in and grow as players. So don't hesitate to hit that join button below and hop in a voice channel! To get full access to the discord, make sure you read the rules carefully and hit the react to acknowledge that you read them.

Due to the impending wipe, we're  currently giving away a docs case full of bitcoins every monday, wednesday, friday. Its open to everyone but you must reach lv2 in the discord before you can win. You gain levels by playing in voice channels. We're  hoping to bring the few remaining players who are  still playing this late in wipe together for some  fun raids. I hope  to see you soon!

-- What we offer: --
- Friendly and hardcore environments-
- Exclusive member Tournaments -
- Frequent community events where your suggestions are implemented -
- Bitchin' Bot Integration -
- Dedicated Administration -
- Exclusive Streamer Content -
- Noob friendly Environment -
-Weekly Giveaways!-


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