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Hackers and what to do about it?

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So i have been playing alot of Labs lately. With the comming wipe it seems like a good idea to try and learn the map since i havent played it before. 

But playing this map feels like a lottery since about 50% of the time there is a hacker on it. he just runs around killing everyone one with obvious wallhack and it feels like there is nothing i can do about it. 

I feel like there should be a report button, or something like that, to try and find as many hackers as possible. If you die, and you have reason to believe this guy is hacking, there should be a report button.

Every game will have hackers and exploit users, i get that. but this is absurd.

Also, is this a known problem? or am i just very unfortunate in my matchmaking?

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Hey there Slayer, BSG is constantly removing cheaters from the game as fast as they can. Labs specifically is where cheaters seem to like to hang out. However, this won't last forever. I hope you have better luck with it. Also, something you may want to read: 

EDIT: To add to this, this was said in the most recent Podcast (Quotes from ShiroTenshi's Podcast highlights)


The game will have a system of reports: both on suspiciously acting players, and on all sorts of exploits, bugs, and obscene nicknames.


About cheaters: every day from 1500 to 2000 dishonest players are banned. Approximately 50,000 dishonest players were blocked in March. This month it is expected that there will be more of them. The team is constantly working with the BattlEye developers.


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