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An ideathat accomplishes more things at once: Hatchling, Reward system, life fear not gear fear!


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My complete package of new features, tweaks and changes:

But at first the priority list for the gameplay imo:

1. Survival (must be more rewarded then)
2. Searching / looting life-necessary goods
3. Questing for the end goal of escaping Tarkov
4. PvP

Main points are:

A.    Progression system for more importance in survival and as safety net in the same time.
B.    A stepless weight system, removes some flaws of the current version and adds benefits.
C.    Tweaks to flea market, insurance and secure container for a hopefully better experience.
Now the list of new features:

1. PMC-Life-point-system (alternatively you might call it PMC-Reputation / Prestige-system)
Detailed, but not as complicated as you may think.
(Super Mario bros. Inspirated, but without an game over, hitting 0 LP will have some effects though)

A. Everyone starts with 7 LP for his PMC with the implementation of this feature.

B. +1 LP, if raid survived and 12 kg loot extracted (for all next points: loot is only spawned in raid goods) PvP will be rewarded by the system too, but differently

C. +2 LP, if raid survived and 24 kg loot extracted

D. +3 LP, if raid survived and 42 kg loot extracted

E. - 1 LP, if dies in raid as PMC, additional – 1LP if playing as Plantinum < - > VIP, additional -2 LP for ELITE, additional – 3 LP as an „Escaper“ ( Example: dying -1 +(-3 LP  Escaper bonus) = -4 LP dying as an Escaper.

F. If PMC has 0 LP, then not allowed to play as PMC.

G. If PMC has 0 LP, then Scav-wait-timer is set to 0 minutes. So it gives people scav play, who are not good enough for PMC play this day.

H. If you survive as a "0 minute" Scav, then your PMC gets +1 LP.

I. If your PMC hits 0 LP he will get automatically + 3 LP after 24 hours, but only if he is still by 0 LP after these 24 hours.

After match we should get an screen, which shows us the „progress“ in LP / prestige and many other points.

LP are mostly granted for surviving + looting, these 2 belong together and cant be bypassed by any means. (Super Mario Bros NES version  has at least in comparison to the current build a way more hardcore survival LP system.)

J. A disconnect from a match will cost you automatically 2 LP.

K. Suicide will cost you 2 LP. (Dying from fall damage and grenades)

L. Teamkill will cost you 1 (or 2 if point M cant be coded properly) LP.

M. +2 LP If killing a player at least 2 ranks above you + extracting with the dead players dog tag (dog tags cant be put into secure container and teammates dog tag does not count). 

Extra boni: + 1 LP for VIP dog tag, +2 LP for ELITE dog tag, +3 LP for „Escaper“ dog tag These rewards you will get regardless of your own rank, but dont forget loot the dog tag and extract alive with it!

N. If you got killed by an PMC with at least 2 ranks underneath you  (Example: him: wood, you: silver) then you loose 1 additional LP.

O. If you got killed from an AI-Scav (not raiders, Scav boss, his guards or player Scav) then you loose 1 additional LP.


••••••••••The first player Scav who shot at another Scav Player first looses automatically 2 LP.•••••••••••••••••

If this player scav does it again -4 LP punishment and NORMAL scav timer gets doubled in waiting time.

P. If you die because of dehydration or energy depletion then you loose 1 additional LP, but afterwards your hydration and energy get set back to 75.
Q. Once a week your PMC looses 2 LP, but that can NOT reduced underneath 7LP.

P. If your LP are underneath 0, accordingly you did some nasty stuff as a 0 minute scav, your punishment will be to loose your highest value item in your stash or whatever whereever it may be.

Instead of dog tags maybe something else. ID-cards connected to your faction symbol. The Bear sign for BEAR and Eagle sign for USEC. Less gamey and more believable.
A wood ID-card wouldnt make any sense, make it so that a PMC loosing LP and sliding into wood rank he gets fired from his employer and gets a wooden replic of his ID-Card, from now on a former PMC, only a lonely scav but can still play his main character. He has to gain 7 LP again to get offers again.

So by all these points made to the PMC-LP-system survival + looting, hydration and energy will be much more connected to each other and boosted in their relevance in decision making.

There should be 2 additional traders, one for USEC and one for BEAR.
These traders exclusively to their factions offer better sales for faction typic guns and gear. By them you can use enemy faction dog tags (or ID cards) as barter items to buy very high value cool stuff, also some amazing clothings.

Some equippment from traders only for sale if you have at least 12 LP as PMC. 

VIP-status for all PMC, that have >= than 20 LP. Get access to VIP restricted goods by traders. Highest trader level required too.

LP dependent dog-tags:

Wood dog tag for < 4 LP.

Steel dog tag for < 8 LP.

Silver dog tag for < 12 LP.

Gold dog tag for < 16 LP.

Platinum dog tag for < 20 LP.

VIP dog tag for < 24 LP.

ELITE dog tag =< 30 LP.

"Escaper" dog tag for > 30 LP.

•••••BSG developers have always their own special version of ID cards, above the Usec or Bear symbol is BSG in golden lines and pitch black background.•••• I guess it would be the rarest andmost precious barter item!!!

Small change in the lore and game for a deeper experience:

You start not as an PMC but instead as an Scav, a random guy with military training.

Only if you hit silver dog (or ID card silver clearance level) tag rank then you will get offers from scav bands or Bears or Usecs.

If you valiate company rules or your LP hit 0 points then you get expelled from your group.

Then you have to survive as a lone wolf for 5 successful PMC raids and reach silver dog tag level to get offers again.

There are gun sales for equippment that belong thematicly to your prefered group.

This big PMC life point mechanic will make surviving more important, since you loose not only money / gear by dying, but also  PMC LP, that are required unlocking trader restrictions, quests.

There is a chance to connect the gameplay heavily around survival, looting life necessary goods and the main quest line.
---> survival more important, strictly connected to looting.
---> hatchling runs possible, but a waste of time, not many at once possible.
---> RMT gets hurt a bit by it.
- Underlines the games purpose in surviving, raiding for survival and finally escaping.
- A progress system giving the players a real goal, progress bound to surviving.
 If LP sounds „too gamey“ for you, then name it prestige / renown / rank level, but people (mostly men) love prizes, rank systems.

In every sports or effort / performance heavy environment the demanded behaviour gets rewarded!


2.Trader tweaks

Every trader should have a weekly changing barter item list. 8 - 15  randomized items on each traders list.

One week he prefers ledx, akms, 416s, ammo types, thermals etc. Any item / gear could get on the list.

All objects used as barter items have to be found and spawned in raid as loot. Teammate gear doesnt count.

A barter item counts then 3-times or even 6-times its normal exchange value. A 30.000 roubles item will be in this week 90.000 roubles worth, but only by the certain trader.

3 types of gear levels by trader:

Low worth gear:
---> traded in roubles, dollar, euro and weekly set barter items

Middle worth gear:
---> traded in dollar, euro and weekly set barter items

High worth gear:
---> traded in only weekly set barter items
Trader goods cant be sold at flea market!!

Only personally extracted loot, that spawned in your game session, can be sold at flea market!!

Bartering will be always more economical than buying with money.
Trader tweak against RMT and to reward smart looting.

3. Stepless weight system

A realistic stepless weight system, that lets you feel every extra pound / 500 gramm, no magical weight borders.

Since it rewards light gear, it should first implemented with the already on its way armour hitzone / weak point mechanic.

I know realism is not always the solution, but it could be in the case for the weight system.
No 39 kg bunny hoppers vs 41 kg turtles battles anymore.

This way:

Every extra pound on body could have following effect, total weight, effect independent on body part:

+ 1 pound effects:

- 0.3 % slower jogging / running / sprinting
+ 0.4 % more time to gain maximal sprint speed
+ 0.4 % louder steps
+ 0.5 % faster stamina depletion by moving (jogging / running / sprinting)
+ 0.1 % faster stamina depletion by fast going
- 0.5 % jump length
- 0.3 % jump height
+ 0.5 % more stamina use by  jumping
+ 0.2 % stamina use by switching between body stances

+ 1 pound special effects for pound in backpack (additional to the upper whole body effects):

- 0.4 % turning speed
- 0.4 % standing up animation speed 
+ 0.4 % stamina use by standing up
+ 1 pound gun(and magazine weight)and shoulder / arm armour weight effects:
+ 3 % time needed to go fully ADS
- 3.5 % ADS time (maximum ADS time influenced by indurance and strength levels), burns faster through arm stamina
Of course still far from ideal and some effects missing, but the concept should be clear.

Main effects:
A. No bunny hopping anymore
B. Looting makes sense again, since you do not cross magical weight borders
C. Weight system will influence now gear selection and the very start of the match too. You wouldnt think about avoiding magical weight borders, because there wouldnt be any, feels way more logical realistic.

4. Insurance tweak

Only works for gear, if you die in raid, dropped gear lost if you extract without it.

5. Safety nets and Crutches


Safety net: A feature that does not make the game easier, but keeps you from falling limitlessly downwards.

Balancing on a rope:

A safety net underneath it makes the sport not easier by any means, but gives you a second chance after failing.

Crutches: A helping hand to make the game easier for you, but that waters the experience down unavoidablly. But if crutches only would work if really neede, then better.

Enough to say that I prefer safety nets above crutches in a hardcore survival game!

Reduce the crutches, but introduce safety nets.

PMC-LP-system is a progress system and safety net at the same time!

Secure container, Insurance, flea market and bit coin farm are crutches, helpful but also water down the experience, "Crutches" are unfitting for an hardcore survival game!.

Please find better solutions!

New safety net feature:
Poverty line by 250.000 Roubles complete owned gear worth

---> Then, only as long as the player is underneath the poverty line he gets a 0 minute scav wait timer

---> Its like an existence minimum, helps people getting back into the flow.

---> Resetting of account no longer necessary to get starter gear-like conditions. So they can keep their quest procress for example. Since starter gear is worth 500.000 roubles the line is drawn 250.000 roubles underneath starter gear, low enough.

Secure container tweak:
It unlocks for loot 12 minutes after match has started.

--->    Speed advantage of hatchling less important, because other players could still take loot back from them in these 12 minutes, but afterwards ok.

Or map depenent lock time.

Customs: 7 Minutes (beginner map)

Factory: 7 minutes (more faat paced map)

Woods: 14 minutes

Interchange: 14 minutes

Reserve: 16 minutes

Shoreline: 18 minutes

Streets of Tarkov: 25 minutes

Flea market, restrictions:

Lock all top 30 % of gear out of it.

No food or water on flea market!

Markets only payment item are Roubles. No Dollar or Euro. These are for Traders only.

---> This way you have more control about the amount of high tier gear to be buyable. Finding good gear in raid more rewarding and important.

Please share your opinions about all 4 major points, but please with reasoning, keep it civil!🤗

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