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Unplayable after patch

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Was playing before patch, progressing...

unplayable, 3 raids where I die within 5 minutes. First one, I barely took a step after loading in and hear explosions at gas station on Customs, so I move to get to other side of map from factory and before I get a chance to leave factory, they fighting stops. I peek out from container and sure enough I see someone on railroad front of gas station. He's just there, in the open, then moves and disappears. I think maybe I can squeeze through since he's got their attention. I push out to road and someone is under bridge of railroad on the road, not looking at gas station, but at me. I fire, he fires, he ducks out of sight. I tail back to container and come out factory side, facing factory shack, to heal. Bandage, fix limb, start to heal limb, other guy I first saw is standing in front of me, flanked over by factory shed... two cheaters pretending real hard not to be cheating. About 5 minutes

Full heal, go customs again... spawn mid map, zb11 exfil, great, I'll cut over now, run straight mid map back side of gas station, stop to see if Reshala's at gas station, cause if not, I can get a couple easy kills for the 15 scav kill quest, a player scav comes running mid map up at tower, looked like he was on the way to gas station, too. He stops, just as he comes within sight of me, takes a step back and literally disappears... 1 tapped top of head from seemingly nowhere, just for sure right in front of me. So I got my taste of the lag teleport I see so many mention. This was JUST short of blatant cheat. Can't tell for sure, but seems that they get the lag spike automatically if you aim on them, same way how in csgo you can set cheat to have you jump automatically if someone aims at you and you have a clear los. About 3 minutes

3rd que as scav… spawn back of factory. 1 tap sniper top of building. Run over to RUAF to take care of rotations, kill 2 more 1 taps no damage taken, yet. Then a player scav, again, pops his head up from behind a bunker and ya... 1 tap.

Third death is iffy... considering he never showed himself until just before I died and only needed the to pop his head up to know exactly where I was... considering the first 2, what am I to assume? My fault for thinking right after a patch it would be ok to play. Ya... my bad. 

This game is so awesome, but, it gets old fast when all odds are against you. What I'm talking about is luck... customs is a big map. Think about it, how many steps would it take to walk the entire map? Even playing at night, these cheaters play the same game... luck. No matter what way you go, they will be sitting somewhere out in front of you to swear that it was luck that you came up on them and not the other way around. If you manage to avoid them, they will literally run up to you from behind you, stop practically on top of you, pretend they don't know you're there, wait for you to move... if you don't, they will try and walk through you to justify them "finding" you.

There's no stopping it, either. If the game manages to find a solution to cheating, these game farmers will simply make a cheap cheat and release it for free to really screw the game. Just my experience, felt I should share, since I'm not allowed to play.

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