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Scientist Trader-> Questline-> Unlimited labs Keycard. Also Backpacks

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While I am a newer player to the game, I was watching one of Pestily's streams and there was a short discussion about an unlimited labs keycard. I think it would be viable if there was a scientist type trader who sold, I don't know, radiation defense gear and other end game style barter trades (I know radiation isn't currently in the game, but why would it have a stat in game if it wasn't planned for the future?). This character could also have his own questline based inside labs, or any future radiated end game areas, and the final quest could lead to an unlimited, or multi-use (25?, maybe it's a repeatable quest once they card breaks?) labs card.


Side note, stacking backpacks is weird to me from a physics standpoint. Instead, lets fold up empty backpacks to 1/4th the original size and THEN put it in another bag.

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