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Separate offline and online character

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Hi lads,


This is gonna be my 1st post on the forum and the suggestion section as well so please do not push me into a grave. 


What I would like to suggest to the developers is to allow us to have 2 type of PMC. One for the live raids and one for the offline raids. But why? I will explain it.


I am the that type of player who can easily over stress himself in a game like Tarkov, where even one small mistake would cost your entier match/raid. And because of this I usually feel really unconfortable during raids, both PMC and Scav. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but I would really like to have a separate PMC for offline only, or maybe for coop. I am not trying to suggest the devs to allow us having the loot from the offline raids, but rather allowing us less skilled or calmed person to enjoy the game. Ofc you could NOT move items from one character to the other so it wouldn't be a game breaking feature. What you loot in offline, would stay in your offline PMC's stash without any means of moving item from either character.


But what about the hideout? Now that's what I find hard to balance. Having separate hideouts might be too much to ask for, and not allowing us to upgrade the hideout without going online might sound bad for a few coward player like me. But at the same time I wouldn't mind if the hideout would stay online only and so does the blackmarket. Since we talk about offline here, we would not need the blackmarket at all for this PMC. But the rest of the features, like XP, skill, money, rep could be separate, without breaking the game.


I admit that I am not the best player on this planet. Hell I am not even a decent one, but I would really like to play this game and progress some way. The Scav AI and Raider Scav AI is also nothing like we see in most games, where the AI is either a potato or a god-like being. They usually work together to make your raid a nightmare instead of moonwalking around the map without any clue why they were created in the first place, nor Makarov sniping you across another raid. It would also bring more players to the roaster which would also help the game develop.


I welcome any criticism, or ideas you lads have on your mind, but please be civilized. I am a noob i know, you don't have to tell me 10 more times that I am. Thank you.


And also thanks for reading this long... mess I made while I was half asleep.

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