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If its not lag, its crashes.

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Think I've had about enough of tarkov these last few days, if its not a death to someone with ping apparently playing from mars, it's a server lost connection, or an outright crash. This makes it +-20mil lost in the last 3 days due to absolutely nothing on my end.

Clips for context: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/623865189https://www.twitch.tv/videos/623106644

This is occuring on a fresh install of windows, on clean drives, on a clean install of tarkov. I have gigabit internet (Ethernet, so no dropping wifi) and am under 20ms to my selected server. Everything is updated (incl. BIOS) and I am running everything at stock speeds (not OC'd at the moment as I know that can cause issues). Nothing listed has helped the issue at all. I fully understand that "its not a finished game" and "you're playing a beta", however things like this happening repeatedly is making it a losing bet to even run raids at best, and absolutely unplayable at worst.

Guess I'll hop back on post wipe and see if anythings changed.

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its the same for me, especially the desync -> death in the 2nd clip happened to me alot.

i really dont know what is going on at BSG´s servers recently, but this is by far worse than arma was, and it was dogshit.

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