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Tarkov Buddy


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Hey guys!


Looking for a friendly fellow tarkov buddy whos intrested to play some EFT together as I don't like soloing alot. I play mostly casually and like to go out there snipe some pmcs. Mostly play reserve only (Hope u like it too :/). Im under GTM +2 time zone, speak Rus/Ger/Eng so pick ur choice :P Im 22y old, idealy Id like to play in my age's range, lowest 15-16y is what Im willing to put up with.. :D As of for older people than myself I have no issues communicating with.

If you wana go do some raids n chill ur free to add me on dc and itroduce urself ( Not forcing anyone thou ^^) Holo#1650



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6 hours ago, Pupedits said:

If a mod can move it to there would be great, I just find this forum bit wanky to find stuff on :)

Can't blame ya, it kinda is.

We have 2 discords, the official one and the sherpahub.
Feel free to join them and move on to #LFG (looking for group) so you can find someone to play with.

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