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The gist of this is pretty simple. I enjoy pretty much all of the maps as they are and I'm looking forward to the expansion of Customs and the changes made to labs/addition of Streets. 

That all said, I think Woods needs some work. It's not bad as is, but I feel like it doesn't really live up to the name "Woods". 

This is what I would change: 

 1. Make it larger, something more similar on the scale of Shoreline.

 2. Make the logging camp slightly larger and a little more involved. 
     A. More buildings, like a saw building, more trucks, more piles of logs, etc.

 3.  More wooded areas. 
     A. Something that would be unique would be making a dense forest much like you find in the Ardennes Forest in Central France, or the Schwartz Walt in West Germany, etc.
     B. This is minor, but this is a map that I would expect to make effective use of a shotgun, but the open nature of it really doesn't lend to the shotgun being that useful.  

 4. Alter some of the open fields to be like recently logged fields with stumps everywhere, some small piles of logs, etc.
     A. I want to be clear here that I don't think the fields should go away, but they shouldn't dominate a map called "Woods".

5. Relating to 3A, I would change the Scav house to be more like a Black Forest cottage village deep in the woods that the Scavs have moved into, and then seriously up the scavs around this. 
    A. One of the downfalls of the current Scav house design, while there might be plenty of scavs, because of the high rocks and open fields, it's easy to pick off the Scavs at range without truly engaging them.   
    B. This could also be an opportunity to add either another place for Shturman to spawn or perhaps an entirely new Scav boss, and I would probably move Shturman's loot crate to this area as well. 

So just some thoughts. I really enjoy the game and I like the direction the game is headed in and look forward to the new content. Woods in comparison though I find a bit lacking. 

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Woods needs a shanty town on the water.  It does not need more trees, and especially not in the opposite direction of Shturmans spawn.  The shanty town could be a spawn for Shturman.  So many cool ideas could designs and ideas could be implemented.  


I do agree the open fields on either end of the map are a little too open.  So more trees isn't all bad.  I was more thinking of the plan to open it up behind that sniper scav rock, pulling more action that way.  
The freshly lumbered tree stump patches would be great, maybe some large machinery broken down to fill in those fields.....and i want that SHANTY TOWN ON THE WATER!

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