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Addition ways to get trader rep.

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Can we get a second way to gain rep for a trader? Maybe an item each trader wants that gives a little bit of rep? I think that would be an amazing use of some of the streamer items added. Maybe each BEAR, Scav, USEC, Raider kill adds a bit of rep to specific trader if you get out.  Anything other then forcing us to do the quests.  Now with the proposed changes in 12.6 we are again being force to do quests to progress the game.  We are going back to the dark days of there only being one way to play the game...you have to do the quest. Since I have no intention of ever doing a quest it basically means when 12.6 drops I have no reason to play.  I don't mind the changes to the flea market. I only mind being forced to do what most of the community thinks to be the worst part of the game.  Please BSG give us more then one way to unlock traders. They are to important to be locked behind quests.


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