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Shooting range leveling - Ballistic dummies, armor penetration test

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Hi everyone,

As I see there is no other topic about the shooting range leveling, I tried to search it but without success. (or I just messed up :D

So my idea is: 

Shooting range will have 3 leveling options like most of hideout elements:

- lvl 1 : The current shooting range

- lvl 2 : Maybe ballistic dummies ( Of coures it has demands like bloodset or something red fluid , (maybe a new looting item:) gelatin or something similar, lvl 2-3 Therapist. Furthermore, after we finished with shooting we get a damage feedback like Therapist give us after a raid when we got injured. ( What was the lethal hit, witch body part got bleed or fractured effect, how many bullets caused how many damage). Finally, when we finished with one shooting session just press esc or take some steps backwards (like current version) then you will get the damage feedback and a possibility to repair your dummies (for rubles maybe) . 

- lvl 3 : Ballistic dummies with head and body armor.

There are three options what I can imagine:

1. Like presets you can choose any body armor or head gear depends on your Ragman loyality lvl (for rubles and Ragman lvl 2-4) but you can't use it after that's just for shooting range ( so it's a bit cheaper) 

2. Use your collection from your stash and after the shooting session they will remain the same state when you start to use them. ( Requirements: Ragman lvl 3-4, rubles)

3. Like other places in hideout it has item and trader's level requirements. ( Cloths, armor, rubles, Ragmen lvl, etc...) 

After the shooting :

Damge feedback: Each bullet how much damge caused on the armor and if it penetrate how much to the body part. ( or the bullet got recochet) 


I think it can help a lot to average players. Learn bullet, armor types, where you should shoot, what can't you shoot through with which bullet and so on. ( I think lots of people use EFT wiki or some 3rd party sides for these information and it could reduce them. It could be annoying  when you use 2-6 sites for one question "this xy bullet can shoot through xyz armor if yes how much dmg it cause to the armor and body" etc...) 

I hope my writing includes some good idea and I could help a bit and did something usefull. :D If not sad but it happens. :)

Have a nice day everyone! 

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A system like in War Thunder.

There you can choose which tank you want to fire with, you pick the round you want to use, and then you pick which Tank you want to shoot at.

So you can in 360 degree fire at the tank, and see what penetration you get, and what damage you'll do.

Having that option in the hideout would be pretty cool... And most of all useful for testing which guns and armour you want to use.

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