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FPS drop for a while then return to normal


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My problem is that i have randomly fps drop for about 2min then it returns to normal about (50-60) fps with cap on 60. 

I have thoes drops since i remember. 

I have strong enough laptop that should handle Tarkov...

My laptop specs are in attached files. (graphic card is 6GB memory)

Also my ingame setting are in attached files.

I was changing all setting trying to fix it but it doesn't help. Also with high setting my game runs with 50-60fps but still fps drops for a while.

I'am using script to run all my cores to run tarkov.


START "" "E:\BsgLauncher\BsgLauncher.exe"

TASKLIST | FIND /I "EscapeFromTarkov.exe"
    TIMEOUT /T 5

PowerShell "$Process = Get-Process EscapeFromTarkov; $Process.ProcessorAffinity=1365; $Process.PriorityClass=[System.Diagnostics.ProcessPriorityClass]::AboveNormal;"

With and without this game still drops fps...

My laptop is plugged to energy source all the time, i set up max performance on my laptop.

I nottice that tarkov heat up my cores up to 80 degree of Celcius.

I haven't change new post processing setting yet, I'will try thoes and give feedback if it helps.

Also i have internet connection with high speed fiber if it matters.

Game is installed on SSD disk with a lot of free space.

My system disk is clean.

I tried to reinstall game many times, i delete all file even from reg.

I also changed Compatibility setting -> Change high DPI settings to aplication ...

Also didint work.

Yes i was instaling game on HDD disk and SSD disk the same situation.

Fps from even to 8-15fps so its really hard to play with it...

My nvidia drivers are updated



settings 1.png

settings 2.png

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