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Cheaters from tarkov/ Escape from Cheaters

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i dont wanna mention how many hackers i met recently, but tnt. i met the same guy for

few times, me and my friends are in a 5 man pmc team,  5 of us got instantly hs by that guy for few games, i know there must be some ppl said that BSG is working on it so hard , but wt i knew is , the amount of cheaters are increasing rapidly, they just abused the hack so much, i am reli disappoint with this. i already did avoid playin LAB and switched to reserve , but i still met tons of hackers. Later on i go search for it,   and i saw the hax is for free, which means anyone can use it for free lmao.BSG plz do something, this game is getting worse, heres the name of the hacker btw. P.S  i am playing in HK server and still get killed by a lot of freakin chinese ppl, plz just give those chinese ppl a district block and dun let them to come to our servers

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I am sorry for the inconvenient just happened to you.

By the way, there is already a section where you can post video of cheaters.

Please refrain from posting similar topics as there are plenty of them available.

Thank you very much for your understanding and Have a great day.

If the player was cheating, he will definitely get banned sooner than later!



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