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Shotgun SPRM Mount Issue


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Assault Scopes FOV

On shotguns such as the 153 & 133, the Kiba Arms International SPRM mount for pump-action shotguns causes all assault scopes that I've tested to have unusable FOV and Scope Shadow.

On scopes such as the Monstrum  Compact Scope (which is 2x magnification) about half is filled with scope shadow and the other half isn't even at the right magnification (it basically acts like<1x magnification)

I also attempted to use the Valday and Elcan Specters. They both suffer from the same problem at 1x and are equally as unusable with their magnified setting.

image.thumb.png.ceeec4e4569c3637da38fd8bdc70ea91.png(Valday with 1x/unmagnified)(Valday with magnified zoom<--- This is the Valday while magnified and the one to  left is unmagnified

These images were screen-shot at 59 FOV or equivalent 90 FOV, I tried them at 50 FOV as well and the same issues are still there. It's almost impossible to practically use these in their current state and I hope this get's adjusted/fixed.

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It’s quite unfortunate. I noticed the same with the flir. Hopefully when they implement the feature when you can select how close/far your scope is mounted it will rectify the issue. Cause I love slapping some higher magnified scopes on my shotguns and using slugs ! Lol.

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I just tested it with the Eotech HHS-1 sight, the regular holo works fine but the magnified version suffers from the same issue.


Another weird detail is that the reticle vibrates while magnified as well.

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dont use these atm, as BudImCanadianTV mentioned if we are able to adjust the placement it should fix itself

until then id recommend you to use valday 1X/4X (its the best in my opinion)

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