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Character skill bug

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Yesterday my Strength skill was lv3. Today it's lv 1 with 2.2/20 process. Every other skill was normal and >lv3 . Now i can't upgrade my  hideout vents to lv3. Anyone have the same issue? 

2020-05-26[13-50]_9.8, 12.8, -11.8_0.5, 0.0, 0.0, 0.9 (0).png

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Do your research to know what is needed to upgrade each item in your hideout. You have to have specific skill levels to continue to upgrade your hideout. 

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There is a known bug in the hideout with skills - when you put a filter in to make filtered water you get an error. That error makes you lose some of the crafting skills, but far as I know not strength. Might be worth raising a ticket if you think that this is the cause. 

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