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Stuck in Game Terms / Language select


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im Stuck while the first launch in the first Screen (Game Terms and Language select).

After i choos the language and click accept its loading for hours - nothing happens...

I aleady tried it a few times.

Someone has the same problem ? i found some threads via google that after the last wipes some players had the same issue.

Maybe someone has a solution for this problem ?

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Hey if you have someone you can trust i had one of my best friends log into my account and get past that screen. After they get past the screen and choose you name and affiliation you get get into the main menu screen no problem.

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15 hours ago, Squealer said:

how do i make my config write? Sorry i am absolutely not a tech guy but can you send me a vid on that topic?


go to the folder location that was specified.

Find the files in there and right click and go to properties. The "read only" box should not be checked. You can also go the "Security" tab and check to see what your users permissions are set to. It should not be only read. If your user is the box admin I am guessing you will see everything but "special permissions" checked already.

Not sure what OS you are using but WIN10 should look similar or the same as I state above. Just check around in the properties windows and if you are worried just make a copy of the file in its original state before altering that and name it back up and restore it if you botch up the other one somehow.

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