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"Error to load file 'Client.' " Fix!


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After Four hours of trying to figure out how to fix this, discord Tech Support sent me a link to the files needed to download the fix for this. Fix is as stated below:

-First, find or make a folder in which you will path the install for the game installation.

-Go to http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ and download the game files.

-When you download the files, extract the files into said folder from before.

-Put said folder in the Battlestate Games folder

-From there, you're going to set your install destination to that folder.

-You will have everything downloaded from this point except for the new patch.

-It will give you the option to play, but you will press check for updates.

-Update the game, and hop in


If for some reason this fix does not work, i would try submitting a ticket. However, this fix has worked for at least 3 people from the time I posted this.


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While doing this, I did run into an issue where I had to redownload the files because it had failed. The download stopped right at 2 minutes for me (about 8.5gb) and i had to reset the download where It picked back up at 8.5gb and finished out the remainder of the download.

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On 5/31/2020 at 12:48 PM, medic_man said:

do you need to rename said folder to a specific name?


Sorry for getting back so late, i'm not active on forums.

You can name the folder whatever you wish, as long as you path the game installation into that folder!

On 5/31/2020 at 2:05 PM, fivefingerpoet said:

is there a link to the launcher? I can't even get the launcher to download from my profile page. 

If the launcher isn't downloading from the profile page,  you may need to contact support.

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8 minutes ago, Acid_Sands said:

It wont even let me download from the link the ducking thing errors out every time... 

Internet throttling due ISP restrictions and firewalls. 

Download the game while on vpn {like protonvpn}

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Helped me in a way you wouldn't expect, turns out my dad was blocking the IP out with the firewall and couldn't download the game, he removed it from the block list and now it works, wouldn't have found out otherwise without this file you linked so thankyou!

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Question, I understand the discord mods pointed you in the right direction but did you guys report it via launche? just so bsg is tracking it?


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