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Can't leave raid.


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I've played a normal game on customs, shot some people, everything is normal. However, once I moved to extract, it did the countdown, and my screen turned black.... Except I never made it to the post raid screen. I've been stuck in the same match for about 5 minutes now, knowing that if I disconnect, I'll be marked as AWOL and I'll lose all my stuff. I'm in some kind of limbo, it seems, since I literally hear other players around me extracting, but no one fired any shots nor did I take damage. Thoughts on what I can do? Apparently this is happening to some other players too, but this was before the wipe. 


Other than that, I'm loving the wipe so far! Got a checkpoint key + tier 4 armor and MDR first raid!

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just happened to me on the new wipe... tried 2 different escapes didn't work, tried to task manger and relaunch didn't work, tryed to wait for time to run out while in side a escape i had then the time till escape was at 0, end of story is i love all my poo and tried every solution i could find

kinda disappointed ngl 

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