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Deathcam, but more realistic

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Hey there, my suggestion is a deathcam like feature. I know, dosnt sound to fitt in the game but hear me out.

What i have in mind is like a option at the end of the game where you can buy a extendet fight report. This could be like a map item with coordinates from you and the coordinates from your enemy. Maybe also some extra info about the fight itself.

After you buy the report one of the dealers will send you a message about that they send people out to search for clues about your dead. You know something like, your body was at position x, blood was on position y, so the shot came presumably from xy.

Then after the game is over or a determined time (Each dealer could have a individual price for faster investigation) you get a messenge with the report item(like the maps you can already buy at the traders) with some informations.


Thanks for you time 


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