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Labs spawn

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I started a game on labs with my buddy.

We loaded into the game at the same time, in a raid that started MINUTES ago, in totally opposite corners of the map.

We spawned so late in the raid, and SO FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER, getting us mowed by teams that can, yea you guessed it, enter the raid at the correct time, next to each other.

I will also mention that we have 20 ping servers, loaded into the game AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, which means we could not move the spawn if one of us spawned earlier that the other.

We both got decent rigs btw.

Next time might as well burn 500k from my stash would save me some time

Is it still an intented technic to avoid empty servers ? If yes, is this some sort of bad joke ?

I'm pretty sure everyone would agree on waiting more for a full game than being in this fking position.

You know, the one position where Tarkov piledrives your ass.

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