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6 hours ago, Ruskovhobo said:

Do I have to request sherpa assistance and free gear or are my stats showing how bad I am enough. Now I'm not against helping new players at all, the game needs just a bit of that that doesn't require a seasoned player to volunteer their time. BUT, what about those that want to try to get better as solo play but still suck, can they get some free stuff too. And to be clear and fair I'm not asking cause I want(I sold that care package) I've got plenty, I normally just rock a vepr 136 but I have 5 VSS and a few ak-103 and 74 just laying around waiting to be used(all modded ) and I'm well on my way to level 21. But what about the guys who don't like playing in a group(for whatever reason, lets assume they get nervous and are socially awkward) do these level 1-10 brand new players not deserve a tinny little bit of assistance too?

I don't think that level != skill. I only started about a month ago in the current wipe, and within ~10 days I was up to level 30.

Yes, the extra help should be accessible to everyone. My point was that though it should be accessible to everyone, not everyone should get it. 

As for people that get nervous or are socially awkward, you can't help everyone in every aspect, some people are gonna end up drawing the short straw. Maybe some form of a tutorial would be nice, but it's going to be a long time before that gets implemented (if that even gets implemented in the first place).

Even socially awkward people can join a voice chat with someone, listening / paying attention doesn't require any specific set of skills that a socially awkward or nervous person doesn't posses. 

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